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Chikkaness Reviews "Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah dela Cruz"

A troubled cop named RUTH has just moved into a small town when she witnesses a young girl named LEAH jump out of her balcony. Gossip is spread and suspicions are raised as to why it happened and who should be blamed. Fingers are pointed at the nanny, Rosario and the guidance counselor, Sis. Eloiza, who were seen performing suspicious acts to the young girl. As Leah’s odd behavior escalates and Rosario dies a gruesome death, Ruth jumps on the case and scrambles to put the pieces together. However, the investigation takes a darker turn when Leah’s possession is revealed and sinister connections between the people closest to her come bubbling to the surface. Soon, the devil’s influence takes hold of not just Leah but also Ruth and everyone else around her.

It's very critical that a film meets the expectation or exceeds it when you provide moviegoers with a good trailer, and I'm glad that "Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz" did that. It did not make use of a haunted house as its backdrop but it was located in an eerie small town where people gives importance to religion and relationships. 

Shy Carlos delivered a convincing portrayal of an innocent girl Leah yet with alluring personality. Her transformation from a naive girl to someone who's possessed with the devil is impressive that clearly indicates that she knows well what's required of her character in the film.

Sarah Lahbati gives a textured performance of a police officer Ruth who has a bitter past that's affecting her decisions when doing her obligations. She witnessed when Leah jumped from her balcony and committed to helping in the investigation. 

Julian Trono gives a lighthearted performance beginning as Gabriel but ended it with a surprisingly disturbing dramatic change. 

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The film also boasts of compelling performances from its supporting cast - Jim Paredes, Angelina Canapi, Michael Rivero, Olive Nieto and Ethan Salvador.

Director Katski Flores made use of disturbing subtext that makes me feel that I should be in control with myself once devil tries to lure me by using my weaknesses. The storytelling was not too deep for you not to enjoy the thrilling ride but it was sensible enough to make you understand what the film tries to convey. 
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This is the kind of horror movie that will keep you haunted especially the noise of the inner devils in the characters.

The film is rated R-13 without cuts and will be showing starting June 28 in cinemas nationwide. It's produced by Kamikaze Pictures and Viva Films.

Check out the video below as Shy Carlos shares more about her role in the film.

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