Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Getting To Know The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino With "The Kris List"

I must admit that I miss the laughter and out of the box conversation that Kris Aquino used to have on her daily talk show. There are certain decisions in her personal life that I don’t agree with but it did not stop me from watching her shows as I learn something new from her. It may not be coming from her totally but from the people, she interacts with as well.

In fact, I was inspired by the episodes she did for Kris TV. She inspired me to talk more to people, try and even prepare dishes, explore the Philippines and just have fun being myself. Someday, I told myself that I wanted to have a vlog wherein I could do similar activities and share it with people so they will be inspired as well to live the life that they want.

Last Mother’s Day while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I chanced upon a video post on Kris Aquino’s page. Curious that I was, I watched the video “The Kris List.” I was totally surprised that the look of Kris was refreshing (maybe I really missed watching her) and her voice was not as perky as it was. It’s a series webisodes where the Queen of All Media shares her personal list and take courage to do those stuff. So it’s like she’s sharing to us how she crosses out items on her bucket list, something that excites me when I get the chance to finally check those on my list. I love the part where she says “looking at them with fresh eyes” as that’s now how I’m seeing Kris right now.

Her 3 to 5-minute webisodes feature the authentic Kris that we’ve never seen before. It will showcase her interests on family, food, travel and people. It can be noted that Kris really keeps up with the trend and makes her relevant by having her presence in another medium – online. She’s indeed the Queen of All Media.

Also, it helps that the quality of the video is very good with on point sound design and editing. 

On her first her first webisode “Calligraphy,” she tried the art herself.  As she does the calligraphy, she got to point out some life lessons we can get like one rule in doing it is there should be more space so Kris pointed out that “Wag kang nakakasakal, dapat may space.” I like it on how she gets wisdom out of her new experiences. 

Her second webisode featured something her son Bimby has been wishing for them to do – “Camping.” They had Caliraya as their campsite. Kris admitted that the activity was tough but the happiness and smile that it brought to Bimb, made all the efforts worth it. This is something that all moms could relate to. They’ve done big and small sacrifices just to make their children happy. I know how Kris has been very protective of her sons but the webisode has allowed me to see how she is personally as a mother. 

Kris walked us through on how to prepare a Bicolano dish “Laing” on her third webisode. It’s one of my favorite Pinoy dishes especially that I love spicy food. I really love seeing Kris on the kitchen as she’s very natural with her interactions. The way she tells a story adds flavor to a dish that’s seeming delectable already. I’m not a good cook but I agree that when you cook from the heart, it will make the result more delicious to eat. 

I’m looking forward already to the things that we will all learn together through “The Kris List” every week. 

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