Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Did it make you lesser of an individual?

In a world where everyone can just shout out their opinions in any available social media platforms, sometimes people are still judged based on stereotypes. No gender is exempted from preconceived notions and still, your individuality will prevail as to how to deal with it especially if you choose to act beyond the norms (not referring to criminal acts).

I chanced upon this IG post of Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez about his San Mig Light commercial. I like the idea that you become in control for things that people perceived you as weak or in some cases, taboo. Like in flirting, there are notions where women flirting are perceived to be slut (I totally disagree!). For me, showing interest on one person through subtle ways is ok (and that could be through flirting). I don't see an individual lesser when he/she makes the first move to whom he/she is attracted for.

Hi everyone! Honestly, I’m actually quite proud of the San Mig Light ‘5 Signs’ ad that I did with Joseph. I like it because at the heart of it is women empowerment. How? It's embedded in the title itself, '5 Signs A Girl Is Interested In You' and not '5 Ways To Make A Woman Like You'. It is inherent in the title that at every step, the women in the TVC are the ones who are in full control of their own volitions. Also, if you see the TVC, it shows the women approaching Joseph and I and not the usual trope where the guys expectedly approach the women. It enumerates common signs of interest and we culminate it with the 5th sign where the girl actually approaches the guy. We wanted to destroy the age-old tradition that if you’re a woman, you’ll be seen as easy if you approach the guy first. Of course not! That concept is way too antiquated! It’s 2017, and we wanted to show that anyone can approach anyone nowadays. It’s in light with San Mig Light’s message of Meet More! So c’mon peeps, lighten up! There are real pressing matters that we all collectively need to find common ground with. However, we go to bars and drink with our friends to socialize and possibly meet more because meeting more is always fun and meeting more new people is generally a good thing! It's one way of relating to one another after all :)
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