Thursday, May 11, 2017

BG Productions International ni Baby Go winner sa AIFFA 2017; Aiai Delas Alas Gets 2nd International Best Actress trophy

If there's one producer that is very dear to me that is no less than Ms Baby Go of BG Productions International. I just love her passion for producing quality films and investing in Filipino talent. She's also approachable and has a motherly warmth that everytime I see I don't think twice of hugging her. 

I'm pleased that she has been inviting me on her presscons and even on her birthday (making me feel that I'm more than just one media acquaintance she has). Thank you also to Dennis Evangelista for introducing me to her.

Anyways, I'm applauding with joy with the current success that her films have been receiving both locally and internationally. Her intent of producing movies that showcase Filipino culture, story and values has been affirmed with the recognition its getting. I wish that more and more Filipinos will be able to watch the movies and soon it becomes tagged as mainstream. 

She intends to produce a film for Congresswoman Vilma Santos (her life story) and Senator Manny Pacquaio. I hope it will materialize soon. She also wishes to be part of the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival and my prayers are with her for it to happen.

BG Productions, the film company owned by Ms. Baby Go, continues to harvest awards from local award-giving bodies and international film festivals.

At the 15th Gawad Tanglaw Awards, Allen Dizon won Best Actor for “Iadua Mo Kami,” Aiko Melendez bagged the Best Supporting Actress trophy for “Iadya Mo Kami” while the award for Best Story was won by Ferdinand Lapuz for “Area” which also took home the Best Editing Award for Gilbert Obispo. Also bringing home the Best Production Design plum is Cyrus Khan for “Laut.”

Ms. Baby Go also received three medals of distinction for the three films that filmmaker Louie Ignacio did for BG Productions: Special Jury Prize for “Area,”; Best Film for Children for the movie “Child Haus” and Student’s Choice for Best Film given to “Laut.”

BG Productions International also made it presence felt at the 19th Gawad Pasado where "Iadya Mo Kami" copped the major awards namely Best Film; Best Director for Mel Chionglo; Best Actor for Allen Dizon; Best Supporting Actress for Aiko Melendez at Best Cinematography for Mycko David.

In the international film festival arena, aside from winning the Special Jury won by “Area” at the prestigious 12th Eurasia International Film Festival held at Kazahkstan, it recently won the Special Jury Remi Prize Award at the 50th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival where Sue Prado was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Ms. Ai Ai delas Alas for Best Actress.

Comedy queen Ai Ai delas Alas won her first international Best Actress Award at the 7th Queens World Film Festival" sa New York para sapelikulang "Area".

The winning ways of BG Productions International continued at the recently concluded Asean International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) held at Cuching, Malaysia. 

Louie Ignacio won the Best Director for "AREA" while Ana Capri won the Best Supporting Actress for "Laut" and Ai Ai won her second international Best Actress Award.

This inspired the amiable lady producer Ms. Baby Go to throw a Thanksgiving Party to fete the stars for the awards they have received. She personally presented the trophies of Ana Capri and Ai Ai delas Alas to the two actresses who were both unable to attend the AIFFA event.

The Comedy Queen was very happy and profuse with thanks in winning her second International Best Actress Award.

“I am overwhelmed. God is really good time. I would like to thank Ms. Baby Go, my director Louie Ignacio and the people in “Area” who inspired me to give life to Hillary, the character I played. She is a good woman in search of her son and is a victim of poverty. I gave my all to this film. And I learned to pray to the miraculous Apu in Pampanga,” said Ai Ai.

“Area” tells the story of women prostitutes in Angeles City who render sex service for a very minimal fee. “Area” will be shown again thru FDCP Cine Lokal from June 2 to 8 at SM MOA, Bcoor,Cebu, Iloilo, Megamall,Southmall, Fairview and North Edsa.

Ms. Baby Go extends her thanks and appreciation to the people who continue to support her film projects. She vows to continue producing worthy films with inspiring themes and stories.

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