Tuesday, April 18, 2017

13 Reasons Why I Love "Can't Help Falling In Love"

The latest KathNiel movie is not just being adored by its fans but I have some friends who are not fond of the love team but is starting to like them because of their portrayal in the film "Can't Help Falling In Love." If you haven't watch it, let me convince you by sharing to you the 13 reasons why I can't help but fall in love with KathNiel and their latest rom-com movie.

1. The versatility of KathNiel as they showcase their comic skills that you would wish they'll come up with a sitcom someday.

2. The way the film showed the beauty of Cebu as a tourist destination.

3. I am made to believe that Daniel and Kath will really make a beautiful married couple.

4. The make-up and styling of Kathryn Bernardo. So perfect!

5. That summer body of Daniel. Who says you need to have abs?

6. The way it tackles marriage and annulment.

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7. The way the movie subtly showed how life should be lived.  

8. The personalities that have a special participation in the movie. Who among them surprised you the most when they appeared in the film?

9. The musical scoring that added to the kilig feels of the film.

10. The kissing scenes (with S!) of KathNiel. 

11. The way a familiar plot was presented as refreshing and enduring.

12. It's something that I wouldn't mind watching 13 times and I know I will still have that "kilig" feeling when I watched it the first time.

13. It's the best film of KathNiel. They always appear better than the last project they did which is very good as it just adds to your craving for this love team.

I'm sure you guys have more than 13 reasons why you love the movie. C'mon share it to us by writing in the comment below.

"Can't Help Falling In Love" is still showing in cinemas nationwide.

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