Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Show Him The Right Signs; Joseph Marco and Tom Rodriguez Look For The Spot On Signals

In the age of social media and dating applications, do you think a face to face flirting will do the work to be able to catch a guy's attention? For me, it's a big resounding YES!

The downside of those dating applications is that what you like is a "filtered" one and you might be filtering yourself to him or exposing your ideal side but is far from what you really are.

So I still go for meeting men face to face at the right place with the right moves. And that's what I got from San Mig Light's new commercial that features showbiz hunks - Kapamilya star Joseph Marco and Kapuso star Tom Rodriguez.

The commercial featured five signs that girls can show interest to the guy they like in the most subtle yet spot on way. Now let's do the enumeration.

1. Play with your hair while making eye contact. 
2. Bite your lips or lick your lower lip while having a having a conversation with him. 
3. Flaunt your assets by turning your body towards him.
4. Glance at him repeatedly to convey that you wanted to get his attention.

And when finally you have him approaching you and he begins having a conversation, then just be yourself and let the stars align if you're destined to be together. If you end up not having a relationship with him, then at least you scored a new friend that could potentially introduce you to the guy of your dreams within his network. 

That's what I like with  the commercial of San Mig Light as it's not just about flirting but also on gaining friends that could be your company for #MahabahabangInuman sessions. 

Certainly, what's the best partner to have those long and meaningful conversations than to share a drink of San Mig Light that will make you feel good, look good and meet more.

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