Friday, February 17, 2017

"Pwera Usog" reveals the horrifying consequences of a Filipino superstition in its trailer

The full trailer has now arrived for Jason Paul Laxamana’s horror film on a Filipino superstition "usog" (an affliction or psychological disorder is attributed to a greeting by a stranger, or an evil eye hex) with Regal Entertainment Inc's' "Pwera Usog."

Check out the trailer here and watch Pwera Usog in Philippine cinemas starting March 8, 2017.

The film stars Sofia Andres. Joseph Marco, Kiko Estrada, Albie Casino, Aiko Melendez, Eula Valdes, introducing Cherise Castro and Devon Seron. Laxamana directs and writes the film.

This is a group of story who went on an adventure and ignored the Filipino superstition "Usog" along the way. "Nariyan lang sya. Ingat ka. Baka ma-Usog ka!"

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