Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Global health and wellness company initiates partnerships with local networking firms

NATCH International Philippines 

There is a global health and wellness company that is offering networking firms in the Philippines an irresistible opportunity: a chance to boost the quality of the products in their portfolio. 

Natch International is a global original design manufacturing (ODM) company involved in health and wellness.“ Its first laboratory and food supplement factory was set up in Taiwan, 26 years ago. Natch group also includes the Asia Pacific Center in New Zealand, top 3 Probiotic factories in Taiwan and a strong Sales and Marketing team in various countries. Natch was chosen as the company name because it comes from the word “nature” and its initials stands for N-nature, A-advanced, T-technology, C-care, and H-health, which embodies and emphasizes its mission. Our mission to use advanced technology to create safe and effective products that care for consumers’ health,” explains Mr. William Liu, CEO of Natch International Philippines Inc.

Natch’s product line includes Detoxification products, products for Establishing Foundation, Nutritional supplements, and Functional foods. One of its specialties is in making probiotic-based products such as coffee, chewable vitamins for kids, preserved plum, jelly, liquid and capsule supplements. Probiotics compose a certain portion of the company’s business operations.

Mr. Liu, a Chemical Engineer with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, elaborates that“Probiotics are ‘healthy bacteria.’ They came from various sources , and different strains have unique characteristics that enhance and balances the condition of the human intestines.”

Ever since Nobel Prize-winning scientist Elie Metchnikoff found out that residents in a village in Bulgaria who drank fermented milk have a longer life and fewer illnesses (compared to others living in the same village), great strides have been made in the study of probiotics.

Natch’s own facility in Taiwan continuously conducts research and comes up with innovations. “Our lab and factory (in Taiwan) have been there for 26 years. They have a long history. We have a strong research and development team comprising of experts from New Zealand, Canada, and Taiwan,” Mr. Liu says with pride.

Aside from probiotics, Natch also develops, creates and manufactures products that make use of Antrodia Camphorata, a medicinal fungus that can only be found in Taiwan and is said to be beneficial for protecting the liver, increasing immunity and fighting cancer. “It’s one of Taiwan’s treasures,” Mr. Liu says of Antrodia Camphorata.

Because of Natchs’ long experience and expertise, various Filipino companies have commissioned it to manufacture products. Among the local drug stores that have tapped Natch for the said purpose are Watsons and Generika. Mr. Liu says, “We also have products that we made and are sold in Mercury Drug as well as in EZ Shop TV shopping.”

The good news for the local networking firms is that Natch is offering their services to them.  The partnership is not limited to manufacturing, says Mr. Liu. He says, “Natch can assist in the entire process. Aside from making finished products, we can help upgrade existing products and design new unique products for the networking company. We can even help with the marketing.”

Mr. Liu emphasizes that the range of Natch’s capability or range covers development to making the raw material to producing the finished product.

Natch produces as much as an average of 1,000 different products in one year. Your networking company’s newest product can be part of that distinguished lineup.

For more information, check out or call tel.+63-2- 631-5420 and cell no. +63-917-890-5508

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