Monday, December 19, 2016

A topnotch team for Natch International

In these health conscious times, when prevention is has become more important than cure, consumers are looking for products that promote fitness and well-being.  Natch International manufactures probiotic-based products that include tea, chewable vitamins for kids, preserved plum, jelly, liquid supplment, and even cosmetics.  Probiotics are made from fermented milk that enhance the health condition of the human intenstines.

Natch, whose name is taken from the word “nature,” was first established in 2004 in Taiwan where it achieved big success. The name is also an acronym for Nutrition Advanced Technology Care Health. Natch has expanded to China and more recently, to the Philippines.

A great health company can only have great people behind it. As such, the leaders who run Natch are professionals with solid backgrounds in science and health. Heading the topnotch team is Chief Executive Officer William Liu, a Chemical Engineer who obtained his degree from the Tunghai University in Taiwan. Mr. Liu is also a holder of a Masters in Business Administration from the National Taipei University.

Mr. Liu’s partner in the enterprise is Mr. Posen Chiu, the primary investor of Natch International Philippines and Syncmold Enterprise Corporation (Famous Public Listed Company in Taiwan). Mr. Chiu has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Research and Development at Natch is the domain of Dr. Chang Wen-Teng, chief of R & D of the Natch Biomedical Co. Lt. Dr. Wen-Teng, who holds a doctorate in Medical Science from the National Chen Kung University of Taiwan, is involved in major researches with the Asian Nutrition and Probiotic Research Center. Dr. Wen-Teng has been able to obtain patents for a number of his researches, and in fact, has contributed an overwhelming 1,000-plus articles on medical science.

Natch’s partner in research is the Asia Pacific Research Center R & D Team which is composed of Dr. Grant Washington-Smith, Dr. Barry Richardson, Dr. Jeremy Burton and Dr. Louise Reiche.

 Other professionals behind Natch International Philippines’ includes scientists at Natch Biomedical Co. Ltd. R & D Team of which members are Dr. Chen Jing-Chua and Dr. Lu Ying-Zhen.

 With formidable management, conscientious research and the finest products, Natch is hoping to develop and collaborate not just with the Philippines but with the rest of the world as well.

NATCH INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES is located at U703 West Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Philippines with telephone numbers  +632-942-1602/ +632-631-5420.

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