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"Working Beks" Focuses On The Strengths and Predicaments of Gays In The Working Environment

VIVA Films proudly presents Working Beks, a movie which gives viewers a wider understanding of the different things gay people have to deal with, not just romance.  Directed by the award-winning writer-director Chris Martinez (The Gifted, Kimmy Dora), this is in line with the other “Working” movies that have preceded it –  the Ishmael Bernal classics Working Girls (1984) & Working Girls 2 (1987), and Joey Reyes’ star-studded hit, Working Girls (2010).

            Playing the “Beks” (short for “beki”) are TJ Trinidad as Tommy, John Lapus as Gorgeous, Prince Stefan as Jet, Joey Paras as Mandy, and Edgar Allan Guzman as Champ. 

  The story revolves around a day in their intertwined lives wherein each has to make a crucial decision that can change the course of their career, love life, health, finances, and destiny.

Tommy (TJ Trinidad) is a respected Marketing Director up for a promotion as Senior VP.  He is well-loved in the office, and at home, he leads a healthy family life with his longtime partner and their two teenage daughters.  But to his and everybody’s surprise, his most coveted position is no longer his for the taking.  Now, Tommy is about to raise hell.

If there’s anyone else entitled to raise some hell, that would be Gorgeous (John Lapus).  Already the  breadwinner of his family, his mother even asks him to extend financial help to their relatives.  Worse, when his estranged and abusive father returns, his mother readily welcomes him back.  The only way Gorgeous escapes his harsh reality is “fangirling” over the matinee idol, Champ.

Rumors have it that Champ (Edgar Allan Guzman) is gay, especially after a kissing video of him and another man circulated in the internet.  He’s been in hiding for days, but luckily, his mother is there to support him.  Now, he finally agrees to an interview on primetime TV.  Will he be completely honest, considering that his career and multi-million product endorsements are at stake?

Meanwhile, one of those affected by Champ’s video scandal is Mandy (Joey Paras).  It is his wedding day, but he is having cold feet as his sexual desires for men have been reawakened.  Mandy’s fiancĂ©e seems to understand, but urges him to contemplate if his life would be complete without her. 

Another one experiencing an anxiety attack is Jet (Prince Stefan), the promiscuous call center agent who learns that the guy he recently hooked up with committed suicide because he had HIV.  It’s about time Jet gets himself tested for sexually transmitted disease, but the memories of his recklessness are already killing him.

Working Beks is a realization of a longtime dream project for Chris Martinez.  He said in one of his interviews, *“This is my tribute to the gays. I’ve been writing since 2004…I’ve been directing for 8 years, I think sa mga pelikula na sinulat ko makikita na parang meron siyang mga characters na gay or gay sensibility, pero wala pa talaga akong pelikula na para or tungkol sa gays…gusto ko talagang gumawa ng ganito. Dream project po siya talaga.”

Martinez emphasizes that this is a movie about love, respect, and gay empowerment.  “Lumalaban po ang mga bakla dito, hindi po sila nagpapaapi.”  (The gays here fight back, they don’t let themselves be oppressed.) 

But even if that’s the case, it is not an outright activist film.  Martinez said, *"So it's still a heartfelt light comedy drama and entertainment…Hindi siya mabigat, pero most probably, mata-touch kayo.”  (It’s not heavy drama, but most probably, it will move you.)

Starring in a supporting role is Bela Padilla who plays Joy, the love team partner of Edgar Allan’s character.    

Working Beks is showing in cinemas starting November 23, 2016. 

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