Sunday, November 6, 2016

James Reid Stays Hip For the Holiday Season; Amped Up Your Holiday Style with Milanos Shoes

This holiday, James Reid, the ultimate chill guy, and one of the country’s hottest star reveals his secret to looking hip and the many ways he amps up his holiday style: shoes from Milanos.

Slick Boots: the decisive style upgrader. Wear with your basic jeans and shirt and you are ready to party all night. 

Take anywhere Sneakers. Wear them high or wear them low, these uber comfy sneaks takes you places and makes your style up to date.

Wear with anything Loafers. Whether you feel like wearing denims, or chinos, or bermuda’s, you’ll never go wrong with your trusty loafers and boat shoes.

For all of the many places you want to go or all the many styles you want to wear: Milanos got you covered. Holidays are all about looking cool and smooth, and this season is no exception. This season of fun just became a season for fashion. Let James Reid and Milanos Shoes show you how.



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