Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Life-Changing Story (A GFOXX Member Real-Life Rising-Up Story) By: Marie Ann Ricarze

We drew inspirations from people's lives be it good or bad, be it fictional or in reality. We emphatize with them, we feel for them and sometimes we emulate them. We love to read stories about a person who struggles to make both ends meet. Most of us are suckers of telenovelas or teleseryes. That's the humane thing in us Filipinos. Most stories we love are about making lives better, how to help the family and to some about helping others. Sometimes some stories which are very inspirational are featured in some TV shows.

Each success stories are being attributed to something or someone that helped them fulfilled what they become. And add that their perseverance and determination.

One of an inspirational story was shared to me by a very good friend David Tan, the President of GFOXX INTERNATIONAL. They have a member who is an OFW from Dubai who had experienced some hardships while working abroad. It's really not easy working abroad. It's just glamorous to hear that you are working abroad but every money you earned are literally hard-earned.

Here's the story of Gretzel B. de Lara, 30 years old who is a domestic helper in Dubai for 3 years and have a daughter who was left behind in the Philippines:

"I was a domestic helper in Dubai before I joined GFOXX. I got a health problem during my stay there. I have breast discharges. I had it checked up and they gave me medications like IVs but it’s not healing. It came to a point my employer told me that if my health issues isn’t still healing, they’ll just send me back home in the Philippines. Of course I got scared especially for the future of my child. That’s why I went to Dubai to secure the future of my child since I’m a single mom. Due of my scare of going back to the Philippines without money or without earnings, I search in Facebook some supplements for cleansing. There I found the product Algicleanz in the FB account of a GFOXX member. I inquired and the member explained to me how to join. I joined and tried the product. After 1 or 2 weeks of trying Algicleanz, the pain and discharges on my breast are gone! I was so happy! I like it already and made it an on-line business as well while I was still in Dubai. I posted the products and shared it. Then after six months, my group who liked and joined me grows and so is my income. I was promoted to Hero in 7 months, Paragon in 8 months from joining as a member.
I was able to save Php 300,000 and I was so happy that I told myself I will go back to the Philippines. I asked permission from my employer citing that there’s an emergency happened back home. But in truth, I wanted to rest from my hard work in Dubai. I almost serve 4 families there and I don’t have a day-off that’s why I’m always exhausted. I AWOL (Absence Without Leave) and lead home in the Philippines. Here I can be with my child. I’m enjoying. Now I can see light of our future. I can work and at the same time I am with my child. It’s a big blessing that I encountered GFOXX. Because before I was able to join other networking company, my earnings in Dubai just went to that networking company. I got no returns on my investment. But I didn’t give up, as long as there is income opportunity anywhere else like in GFOXX, I will still join. It’s really a matter of good company and products. But I promised myself I will not invest in company that needs big capital and good thing GFOXX is not like that. Now I don’t have to work abroad anymore because here in the Philippines I got GFOXX who can surpass my earnings abroad. Aside from that, I don’t have to work hard physically and I can be with my child anytime.
                I am so proud that another achievement of mine through joining GFOXX is I was able to buy a house already. It’s now a matter of moving-in  .  Fulfilling my dreams is coming into reality. I thought and I was afraid before it would be very hard for me being a single-mom. So I prove myself wrong. As long as you have the sheer determination and believe in yourself that you can do it, and getting the right elements, and add to that hardwork, you will never go wrong. Now I can be an inspiration to others especially to single moms like me. My motto in life is do it now what can you do today, don’t wait for tomorrow to do it. Don’t practice mañana habit."

Though for some this is just one of the usual OFW story, and this one has a happy ending. Two parties are happy in this story, Gretzel and GFOXX, the first one changing her life and the latter the source of the life changes. I remember a poem written by the great Maya Angelou entitled STILL I RISE,Though that poem tells about being downed or degraded by someone, still the attitude of fighting and the determination of rising up is what matters most. And Gretzel did the exact thing - she RISE!

Gfoxx International Philippines' head office is at Unit 516, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Avenue corner Garner Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For inquiries, call GFOXX landline at 02-6618099 or visit their website:

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