Friday, October 28, 2016

Sam YG Hosts A One Of A Kind Travel Show, "Vintage Trip"

A one of a kind 30-min travel show will start airing today entitled "Vintage Trip" hosted by Sam YG on GMA News TV from 11:30am-12nn. It will feature interesting vintage finds with increasing value as Sam tours around the Philippines. 

The vintage car collection of National Artist Ramon Orlina and Coca-cola memorabillas of a collector from Laguna are just some of those that will be featured in the show.

It will not only feature the collection but also will dig deeper on the reason behind collecting such stuff. Sam even recalled that he wanted to purchase on the Coca-cola memorabilla but the owner refused. 

Sam who is known to be a very enthusiastic TV host and disc jockey will walk us through the program in an animated, comic, and very-Pinoy delivery.

From the time that the show has been conceptualized, Sam has been the top of mind of the producer and luckily, they got him. And I agree with the producers because sometimes it gets more interesting to watch when someone not a pure Filipino gets to discover and appreciate vintage things that can be found in the country.

The show’s tag line is “Sa Vintage Trip, bibigyang-buhay ang mga lumang bagay.”

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