Friday, October 21, 2016


NATCH LOGO, uses green color which symbolizes nature following the ecosystem's intrinsic design.

Health and wellness is one of the most important concerns of people because we want to live longer and have few illnesses, that is why companies such as NATCH INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES provide answers to these concerns.

True to its name, NATCH gives high importance to Nutrition by using Advanced Technology in safe and effective products that Care for Consumer's health. The name NATCH comes from the word "nature", signifying that every product they manufacture is pure, safe, and beneficial. The color and form of their logo follows the ecosystem’s intrinsic design.

Having done a great research one hundred years ago by physiological and medical Nobel Prize winner, Metchnikoff, in Russia, about good intestinal bacteria (probiotic), series of related researches about this were developed. Many scholars researched the effectiveness of probiotics and concluded that it can improve the absorption of nutrients.

Natch has also invested in different prominent industries and factories that also focus on the improvement of human conditions. Among these organizations is the Asia Pacific Research Center which consists of a strong research and medical team that continuously look for data to accurately determine the safety and stability of the products before it undergoes operations.

Natch, headed by its CEO William Liu, first organized its ODM Company in Taiwan and China. After business became successful, they proceeded to expand and develop lasting partnerships and coordinate with the best companies, not just in the Philippines, but with other countries as well, to deliver only the finest of products.

Natch has a team of professional doctors with a variety of skills, with their own areas of expertise, to ensure product safety and effectiveness, by consistently conducting several studies and researches. Aside from this, it boasts its innovative and state-of-the-art factory which guarantee that their probiotic results underwent stringent quality control procedures, and with compliance to the international regulatory and ethical framework. This is to certify that their products are proven safe and effective, and able to offer its customers the best probiotic available in the current global market. To top it all, these probiotics are unique and patented.

Natch offers a variety of food supplements and cosmetics, all to address the top concerns of clients and consumers. Their variety includes traditional health products such as teas, chewable vitamins, preserved fruits (plum), as well as jelly and liquid supplements. There are also modern health products encapsulated in different forms; capsules, tablets, and powder. For capsules, Natch offers gelatin capsules, soft gel capsules, powder sealing capsules, liquid sealing capsules, and vegetable capsules. For tablets, they have double layered, triple layered, single layered, effervescent, and coated. NATCH also carries cosmetics such as facial cleansers (milk cleanser, warm cleansing gel and soy milk peeling spray), skin care, body care, hair care, and make-up.

With these kinds of products on hand, Natch practices it's 5S, which expounds into: Service, Success, Saves Costs, Safe and Effective & designed to increase Sales. As Natch's visions says, “Natch will become popular as the most reliable ODM/OEM company for international health and wellness industries. It will also leave its mark as the brand name that delivers lasting and optimum results for every individual that consumes our products."

NATCH INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES is located at U703 West Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Philippines with telephone numbers  +632-942-1602/ +632-631-5420

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