Friday, October 21, 2016

MOVIE REVIEW: Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?

Oh well, who can't love a gay? That's the question I asked after watching Viva Film's "Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?" starring Paolo Ballesteros, Dennis Trillo, and Anne Curtis.

The film centers on Kylie (Anne), a wedding singer who's bitter with her love life as he fell for handsome gays who's using her to cover up their true sexual preference. Because of this failed relationships, she has now a very strong gaydar which her boss Benj (Paolo) used to determine if his childhood crush, and suspected gay, Diego (Dennis) is really gay.

Anne was at her finest in the film. Her comic timing is on point and I like it that she's game to the extent that her supposed to be "weaknesses" are being used to strengthen the required laughter for the film. She's very funny during the scenes wherein she's trying tick off in her checklist if Diego is gay. Her character was in dilemma though considering that she thinks that Diego is gay, she was not able to stop herself from falling in love for him.

Dennis is undeniably can be the object of every gay's affection (open or close). A must watch is his scene on the pool where he was in trunks which I must admit I have the same reaction with Anne and Paolo's character after seeing it. He was able to play a character of someone whom people judged as "closeted gay" but could possibly turn out to be straight (better figure this out by watching the film).

Curtis and Trillo have a good chemistry and deserves to be given a follow-up project together.

Paolo shines in every scene he is in. Though I think he was not given that much air time, he was able to make use of it to convey how good an actor he is. 

Special mention for acting performance in the film Michael de Mesa who plays twins - an openly trans and a military man.

Using Anne's character to personify those who have prejudgment on gays is good which others could relate to (maybe not in the same reason with Kylie). Wait towards the end of the movie when you will be hit by what this movie is really all about and it's all worth the journey in watching the film.

The film is made to make us laugh and I believe that it was successful. But beyond that, the message that gays are lovable (whatever his preferences are in terms of expressing himself) is clear on me. So you know my answer already to my question above.

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