Sunday, October 16, 2016

I will never grow old listening to the songs of Ogie Alcasid

I was glad that Ogie Alcasid's intimate concert "Ayokong Tumanda" had its repeat at the Music Museum last October 15, 2016. I braved the heavy rains just to be able to watch the concert and I went home satisfied.

I don't think someone will grow old listening to the timeless music of singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid. OPM is not complete without the songs of Ogie. It was one great night of chill and laughter as he sang his hits  “Dito Sa Puso Ko”, “Ako’y Iyong Iyo” and “Sa Kanya” mashed up with contemporary music. Even if the crowd was mostly mature, I think the millennials like me still had a grand time during the concert.

The singers of Ogie's talent management arm ATeam rock Icon Basti Artadi, Classical weethheart Lara Maigue and Acousitic Wiz Davey Langit had their share of shining moments as they were given their own spot in the concert. They also performed with Ogie for some OPM anthems.

Eat Bulaga’s “Lola’s Playlist” winners, Francis Aglabtin and Benedict Aboyme wowed the audience with their vocal capabilities when they sang Rico J Puno's hit song, "May Bukas Pa."

I think the most love part of the concert was when he shared it with his wife Regine Velasquez-Alcasid wherein they did not only had a duet but also made a comical skit which they intend to do in their concerts. Oh well, I had a good laugh on that part.

Regine also sang of the songs which Ogie had written like "Kailangan Kita" and "Pangarap Ko'y Ibigin Ka." I was pleased to hear Regine sing in Tagalog songs again as lately I've been seeing her perform the hits of non-Filipino singers. Hopefully, she'll come up with an album where she'll be singer all the compositions of Ogie.

Watch the playlist below and enjoy the performances at "Ayokong Tumanda: The Repeat" concert.

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