Friday, October 21, 2016

Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe set to arouse moviegoers in the sex-drama "The Escort"

Your souls are expected to be awakened on November 2, 2016 as Regal Entertainment brings you an intriguing sex-drama starred by competent and sexy actors Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe under the direction of Enzo Williams.

In "The Escort," Derek plays an ex-escort named Xyruz, abandoned by his mom at a tender age and dumped by his fiancee a few days before the wedding. These two unfortunate incidents drive Xyruz to curse women and vow never to fall in love again.

Lovi, meanwhile, is Yassi, left to raise and take care of her siblings after their parents die in an accident. She works as a receptionist in an escort agency and eventually transitioned to be one of the escort that can be selected in the menu. Albie Casino, plays as her best friend/secret admirer in the film.

When Xyruz and Yassi's path cross, the former surprisingly falls for the latter. He tries hard to resist his feelings for her as he wants her to join the escort company for which he works as a senior. Xyriz is head over heels in love with Yassi but has has to sacrifice his feelings for her in exchange for work.

He has to ignore what he feels for Yassi so he can offer her as an escort to a rich real estate mogul Gary, played by Christopher de Leon.

If you've watched the trailer, your interest on the film will be aroused with snippets of sexy scenes in the bed and in the swimming pool along with close-up shots in the curves of the body of its main stars. It seems that the audience will not be disappointed in this erotic offering of Regal Entertainment.

Lovi confessed that it was challenging to play her character in the film. There was even a scene that she was hesitant to do but could not voice it out as she doesn't want to be tagged as "maarte." Good thing that Derek was there to beg off in doing the scene. She is an actress that do things for the art and she will not have second thoughts in accepting another sexy role if the story demands for it.

Also in the film are Jean Garcia, Dimples Romana, Rommel Padilla, and Jackie Lou Blanco.

Watch the playlist below on what transpired during the bloggers conference of  "The Escort."

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