Friday, October 7, 2016

Celebrate love this October with Sam, Zanjoe, and Angel in upcoming film "The Third Party"

Who says you only have to celebrate love during Valentine's Day? That's not true as it's a year round of celebration which is highlighted in the next Star Cinema offering "The Third Party" starring Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, and Angel Locsin.

Written by Patrick Valencia and Charlene Sawit-Esguerra, The Third Party  is a heartwarming movie that showcases the kind of love that boldly transcends the complexities of human relationships. This is helmed bythe maverick filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana whose credits include the cutting-edge Babagwa, the all-out comedy romance Love Is Blind, and the black-comedy Mercury Is Mine.

The Third Party is a quirky and irreverent modern love story that is centered on the unlikely relationships of its main characters Max, Christian and Andi. Andi (Locsin) and Max (Milby) are college sweethearts who shared a short-lived romance for each other. Devastated that their relationship did not work out, Andi and Max go on separate ways until they meet again after many years. As Andi attempts to rekindle her relationship with Max in the hopes of picking up their romance from where they left it, she gets the shock of her life when Max introduces her his present partner Christian (Marudo). An unexpected problem leads Andi to seek Max's help and Christian reluctantly agrees to help. The three are forced to live under one roof as they face inevitable conflicts that could either build or break their relationships with each other.

Laced with a very brave context mixed with crisp, realistic dialogue, The Third Party is the perfect vehicle to further display the versatility of its lead actors.

Angel Locsin will once again exude her irresistible charm and dazzle her countless fans with her brilliance as one of the industry's most accomplished young actresses as she plays  the role of strong-willed Andi to perfection. Sam and Zanjoe on the other hand will showcase their versatility as actors as they perform the roles of their lifetimes as bachelors in long-term relationship.

It should be noted that this is very first movie that will feature Sam, Zanjoe and Angel together, though each of them have collaborated with each other in previous projects.

Sam, Zanjoe and Angel promise to touch our hearts through their characters as they play relatable personalities that are willing to go at great lengths to obtain the love they deserve.

Does Andi have a fighting chance to win Max back? Is Max really confused with himself? Is Christian getting in the way of the renewed ties between Andi and Max? Who between Andi and Christian will win in the race for Max's love and attention Be part of the amazing journey of Max, Christian and Andi; and discover the outrageous answers that will ultimately be unraveled in The Third Party.

The Third Party hits cinemas nationwide starting October 12.

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