Tuesday, October 11, 2016


VIVA Films offers a rom-com film that promises an endearing chemistry of three of the country’s hottest and most popular stars Dennis Trillo, Paolo Ballesteros, and Anne Curtis in “BAKIT LAHAT NG GWAPO, MAY BOYFRIEND?!” under master director Jun Lana.

In the film, Anne plays the role of Kylie, a girl seemingly cursed for having failed romances with gay boyfriends. Friends aptly refer to her as the “Cover Gil” of closeted gays.

Paolo, meanwhile, is Benj, Kylie’s “paminta” best friend who spends hours and hours at the gym training his sights on hunky, buff bodies.

Together they meet Diego, portrayed by Dennis, who later on becomes one of Kylie’s missions. Is Diego a straight guy or is he gay just like Benj?

Anne Curtis recognizes that it's been the norm now that some handsome guys turned out to be gays. Is she open to have a relationship with gay? Anne answers that it's ok if that's what her heart dictates.

It is not Dennis Trillo's first to portray a gay character in the movies and teleserye but he assured that in this film, it's far different as it is one of the questions that the movie will answer if his character is gay or not. Separately, Dennis shared that he felt a gay had an interest to him but he respectfully shrug it off because what he can offer is only friendship.

Here are the photos from the presscon held for the movie.

Will there be a kissing scene between Dennis and Paolo in the film? From the presscon, it seems there's none but both actors are open to have one as needed.

With the gay rumors being addressed to Paolo Ballesteros plus his highly commended make-up transformation, led him to notable projects like this "Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?!" and "Die Beautiful" where the latter is competing for an international filmfest in Tokyo. It is interesting to note that he has not done make-up transformation yet of his co-star Anne Curtis for which he is open to do one.

Check out the below playlist for the video coverage of the presscon.

Join Anne, Dennis and Paolo as they search for the answer to the “millennial” question when this year’s much-talked about romantic comedy movie, “Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?!,” opens in theaters nationwide on Oct. 19 from Viva Films.

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