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PIAYA NETWORK is a television network on Sky Cable’s Channel 35 based in Bacolod City, launched on August 2014.  The network is owned by Anthony Leo Aguirre and produced by ATP Productions, which consists of various original TV programs and specializes in broadcast syndication all around Negros.

With the vision to be one of a kind in crafting the media art experience in Negros and beyond, Piaya Network specializes in digital production that brings pleasure, creativity and professional advertising that satisfy its customers.  Director/ line producer Elaine Lozano is also the network’s Consultant.
On January 2014, the idea of creating Piaya Network came through a conversation between father and son when owner Anthony Leo Aguirre proposed to create a network that could promote Bacolod City as a tourist destination.  His father saw great potential and supported the idea.  They soon added production veterans and young professionals to the team to provide quality excellence in shows and entertainment.
The Network was named “Piaya” (unleavened flatbread filled with muscovado, mango or purple yam) as this was known to hail from Bacolod and continues to be the favorite delicacy in the City of Smiles. 
Piaya Network was finally launched at August 2014 at Ayala, Disctrict North Point in Talisay City.  It first aired on June 30, 2016 on Sky Cable Channel 35 and continues to cater to the local scene to promote Negros as a grand destination for tourism, food, arts and sports.

Piaya Network’s schedule in programs consists mostly of their original television shows covering travel, food, lifestyle, and current events.  In addition, Piaya Network also covers special events such as sports, festivals, concerts and stand-up comedy, short films, and runs on a 24-hour schedule on Sky Cable.

On August 2014, Piaya Network opened with quality original TV shows: “The Urban Backpacker”, “Power Up”, “L:  Live, Laugh, Love”, “Art Works”, “Gag-O!” and “Certified Foodie Ako”.  The diversity of their shows aim to entice their audience from every angle and reaches out to cover the Negros lifestyle.

In 2016, they have discontinued older shows and added a long list of new ones to their programming with the exemption of “L:  Live, Laugh, Love” as their longest running series.  
The Piaya team added a huge variety of shows namely; “A Listed”, “The Real Talk”, “Project Negros”, “Festival Junkie”, “Travel N’ Taste”, “Straight No Chaser”, “Piaya Documentaries”, among others.

1.       “L:  Live, Laugh, Love” – hosted by Annie Morales, this show aims to discover how to live life to the fullest, love and be loved, and laugh our worries away
2.      “A Listed” – a show that seeks to provide an in depth forum for business persons, political leaders, and inspiring personalities in the province
3.      “The Real Talk“ – your regular source of the latest talks buzzing around Negros, with topics on entertainment, sports, politics, health, business, and more
4.      “Project Negros“-- showcases the people, industries, and products that are deeply rooted to the Negros province
5.      “Festival Junkie” – a party-like show ranging from traditional celebrations to spectacular nightlife
6.      “Travel N’ Taste” – a show filled with eye opening adventures and satisfying dishes, Negrense style, hosted by Shannan Anthony Gonzales
7.      “Straight No Chaser” -- a Bacolod-based podcast or talk show dealing with all kinds of random, interesting things
8.      “Piaya Documentaries” – a documentary program that highlights the plights, aspirations, and daily struggles of our Negrense brothers, exposing their real situation and issues
9.      “SmArts” – a children show where you can learn how to make decorations, ornaments, home designs, and art pieces for kids, hosted by Ate Joyce
10.   “Backpacker Adventures” --  a travel show that will help you discover interesting local folks and unique beauty across the Negros Islands, hosted by Luigi and Julius
11.   “Food Infinity” --  a show that explores the city streets in search for one of a kind eating experience that will delight your palates

Other services of ATP Productions include:  equipment rental for cinema camera (ARRI Alexa Mini) and lighting equipment, advanced camera rigging systems, production services, TV commercials, event trailer, corporate audio visual presentation, animation/motion graphics/visual effects, film post production, etc.

DURING THE LAUNCH held at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Aseana City, ParaƱaque, Alvin Anson served as host, and some of the celebrity guests included Cesar Montano (who did a special song number) and couple Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong.

Starting October 1, 2016, the Piaya Network executives JR Gumabon (Chief Legal Officer), Tony Aguirre (Board member), and Anthony Leo Aguirre (Board member and President of Piaya Network) happily announced to the Manila Press present during the mini-press conference (held before the formal launch) that the network will not just be shown within Negros but nationwide via Cignal Cable Channel 56.

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