Thursday, September 29, 2016

Manila Brightens Up With Solar-Powered LED Signboards

Manila gets even brighter at nights! Thanks to the Korean Company "Global Goldgoal Inc" (GGI) that generously donated 56 LED Billboard as launched last September 27, 2016 at Quiapo, Manila under the banner program "September To Remember!"

Present during the launch was Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada that has remain committed amidst the heavy rains. In his speech, he was grateful to the GGI Inc under the chairmanship of James Lee-Yang for their generosity as those LED lights will be of great help to the city's aspiration for a more peaceful and crime-free society. Hon. Lee is a pure Korean who has fell in love with the city since he stayed there back 2002 and has vowed to contribute anything that will make the city better. 

The street lights will help enlighten the greater area and center of Quaipo district. 

These LED Signboards will be used to run commercial ads, public service announcements of the City of Manila, anti-drug campaigns of the National Government and the highly anticipated big events like Asian Summit and Miss Universe Pageant next year and more. All of these events will be seen in the LED Signboards that will run 82 times a day (still clear during day time).

Locations: Quiapo (30 LED) Lerma (8 LED) Kalaw (18 LED)

For inquiries about the LEDs,  contact GGI TEL No.: 633-6411


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