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How GFOXX International Changed the Lives of Filipino People

There are people allergic to the word “networking”. We can’t blame those few because maybe they’ve had spiteful experiences in some networking companies. But as the saying goes, there are exceptions to the rule; same goes with the business of network marketing.  Not all networking companies are that bad. It only depends on who the people are behind it, what products they are offering, and how their system works. Take the case of GFOXX INTERNATIONAL.  GFOXX International extolls their business partners in public. It’s the first thing they did to market the company. The management is transparent with and assertive of their identity. Moreover, GFOXX International is not included on the list of unregistered and unauthorized networking companies in the SEC. Add the great products they carry. Members and consumers cannot resist the effective and guaranteed products because they have in-house professional nutritionists and dietician vouching for the products.  Another plus factor is the training they conduct to their members. Trainings are easy to comprehend, making sure that their members will understand and master what they are doing, how they are earning and what products they are selling.

To prove these all, when asked how GFOXX changed their lives, here is what they have to say:

1.      Hassen E. Prietos

Age: 31
Previous Occupation: Call center agent
Length of time as GFOXX member: 10 months since Dec. 1, 2015
Address: Sta. Mesa Manila

“Joining GFOXX is beyond my expectations. I came from another company wherein I was really burnt-out.  I had a big group there and unfortunately we were victims of scam. Millions were lost in my group. But I didn’t give up. It’s probably in my blood. My father was a former networker. However, we didn’t prosper there. Our house was even sold because of that. I told myself, ‘GFOXX is the last networking business I will join in.’ Then it turned out that the result is great! During the first month, my sales were not that big. But after another month, it started doing great. I couldn’t believe I already have achievements upon joining GFOXX in just a short span of time. I’m earning a 5-digit figure a week! I was able to invest slowly like a new house in Cavite and slowly going towards financial freedom. Recently, I was a car achiever. It’s overwhelming, I really couldn’t believe it! Many wonderful and amazing things happened to my life. Unlike in my previous company, the culture in GFOXX is very different. Here in GFOXX they will teach you the proper way of handling your business - ethical practices. Challenges are just ordinary in every business but these challenges are handled efficiently by GFOXX and the most I liked is on how they handled it because the people behind it are God-fearing; everybody headed by the president and the vice president. Secondly, their products are competitive, and the compensation plan is powerful.
Joining GFOXX really helped me a lot, both financially and in personal development. I still have many to achieve to advance my rank. As of now, my rank is Paragon. I worked this out within 5 months only. I believe by the end of this year, my rank will reach Silver Paragon and if blessed by Lord, I could hit the Gold. We’ll never know, it may be Diamond.  And I will be a 6-digit earner a week already! My Dream Lock includes a new house, a new car, and financial freedom. After achieving 2 of my goals, I’m hoping that financial freedom will materialize this year. I also hope for GFOXX to help more people as it lasts longer in the industry, because so far in my whole network marketing experience, I am at the peak of my career in GFOXX.

2.      Jelly L. Palaroan
Age: 32
Occupation: Real estate agent
Length of time as GFOXX member: 9 months as of Jan 2016
Place: Sampaloc Manila

“I’m into real estate business. My husband is a real estate broker. I am his secretary. I am the real estate agent, for documentation. He’s more on doing the trippings, and meeting with clients. We’re supporting each other. Going into real estate is quite OK as long as you have continuous sales. Earning your first million is achievable once you get a done deal. You will really earn thousands and millions as long as you can sustain it. But if you’re 2nd deal will take you long, your previous million earnings will be gone too soon.
So that’s our experience in real estate. After our 1st million earning, it took us time to close another deal. And the deal we closed were usually pre-selling properties, meaning the properties are still under construction. Our commission will be based on the buyer’s mode of payment. There are instances in the middle of a deal, some buyers would back-out. And there is where the challenge comes in. Imagine: we do trippings almost everyday, we eat outside and any other related expenses to incur. So my husband and I discussed that scenario in real estate business. We told ourselves, we should have another income option or else we cannot buy our own house and start a family as planned.
Good thing my husband has a friend who is a digital entrepreneur, a digital coach. We were able to have our own website after attending a crash course on how to create a website taught by my husband’s friend who became his confidante as well. One time, my husband opened to him our problem about this real estate thing.  He offered a product, Algicleanz Jelly, to my husband to try on selling it. At first he was hesitant since he knew I had a bad experience in networking. But his friend insisted to give it a try and visit GFOXX’ office to see their products for ourselves and how it works there.
There, I was really able to witness the difference in doing business with GFOXX. There are so many income opportunities here unlike in the previous networking company I entered into. As long as you know what and where your strength is, you’ll surely get the income you wanted. In my case, my strength is product selling, not recruiting. But there are instances when my buyer turned out to be my recruit also and that’s a bonus already.
It’s easy to sell GFOXX products because you can assure its effectiveness and its cost efficiency or affordability. I’m earning good already just by selling their Airlift product first, which I tried as business package. It was sold out in 4 days!  After Airlift, I shifted to Algicleanz because of fast re-orders. Now our depleting bank account soared high already! Just imagine how fast I earned by just selling GFOXX’ products alone. We’re earning as high as 50k and as low as 20k per week. What more if I could get people under me?
For me, there are 3 business industries that are good: REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE AND NETWORK MARKETING. Just choose from the three and focus there. Among the three, for me it’s easy to earn in networking and it’s a nice stepping stone to whatever you want. In networking you can start low then after that, you go up.
We’ve been through a lot, and tried numerous businesses. Our house was targeted by a burglar, so we experienced ‘hold-up’, etc. We had no money—actually broke; that was in 2010 or 2011. In spite of that, my husband and I are still a tandem. We attained our breakthrough here in GFOXX; we don’t want to lose it. We believe that if we take care of the business, the business will take care of us.
We’re very thankful for our earnings as we are blessed in GFOXX. We will not waste the opportunity. In terms of lifestyle, nothing changed much. Never did we spend on movies or extravagant clothes, not even flashy gadgets; maybe only on food. It’s because we like analyzing assets over liabilities for the bigger dreams and bigger goals we built because of GFOXX. Now, we’re investing to be a coach. We attend seminars like NLP/ Neuro-Linguistic Programming and we don’t care if the seminar will cost us 30K. Because in seminars, you grow, and you can build a network. You can meet many people.”

3.      Timothy John L. Paner
Age: 31
Previous Occupation: none
Length of time as GFOXX member: 1 year and 2 months/ Started in Aug. 27, 2015
*2nd networking experience*
Place: Binangonan Rizal

“There are lots of good and great changes in me when I joined GFOXX. I experienced earnings, which I never experienced in my previous work and business. And because of these, I was able to provide for my family in a regular basis especially when my father retired from work. I’m now the breadwinner. I’m so happy I was able to pay for our house’s bills like telephone, electricity and water. Before, my mom was the one who treats me out during her payday, but now I am the one treating her already and the family as well like going to the mall.
When I started doing business with GFOXX, I got so many friends and acquaintances who eventually became my close friends. And if you have close friends, there are bonding moments. Good thing I can now afford to eat in known restaurants unlike before.
I got to know GFOXX through the FB account of a GFOXX member who posted about the possibilities of income earning. I followed him and sent him a message about how to do it. He replied by inviting me to go to GFOXX office and explained everything to me there.
Before, I was only an online gamer. But then I realized, ‘Maybe it’s time to stop this because nothing will happen in my life.’ I stopped studying [in college] in 2005. I went to Japan to work as a dishwasher in a restaurant, but only for 2 weeks. When I went back here in the Philippines, I likewise applied in call center agencies for a technical support position yet I failed the interviews. It was so hard and it was like I wasn’t fit for the job. I think, they didn’t like me.
Each and everyone of us has his/her own strength whoever we are. Here in networking business, my strength is selling. The recruiting part will be eventually taken care of after I stabilize my sales. I am confident that I can do it because GFOXX inspired me to do so. Before I had fears (in the mind) and those fears became an obstacle in whatever I do. I have a fear of being rejected because of my physical disability. But GFOXX never gave that impression to me. Everybody is welcome there as long as you are willing to succeed. This is my journey: from disability to endless possibilities.
My business career, as well as my earnings, in GFOXX boomed during the Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM). There, I just shared my story to prospective clients on how I’m earning 10k-15k weekly. It’s a nice experience sharing your success story to others because the end result is helping other people. I feel flattered when I can inspire other people. They added me on Facebook. I gained lot of friend; I have ‘tito’ and ‘tita’ even if they’re not my relatives. In GFOXX we gained a family, we build a family.

4.      Gretzel B. de Lara
Age: 30
Former Occupation: Domestic Helper in Dubai for 3 years
Length of time as GFOXX member: 1 year and counting since August 2015
Address: Valenzuela City

            “I was a domestic helper in Dubai before I joined GFOXX. I got a health problem during my stay there. I had discharged breast. I had it checked up and they gave me medications like IVs, but it was not getting any better. It came to a point when my employer told me that if my health issues don’t improve in 2 months, they’ll just send me back home in the Philippines. Of course I got scared especially for the future of my child. That’s why I went to Dubai to secure the future of my child. Because I’m scared of going back to the Philippines without money or savings, I searched some supplements for cleansing in Facebook. There I found the Algicleanz product posted by a GFOXX member. I inquired and the member explained to me how to join. I joined and tried the product. After 1 or 2 weeks of trying Algicleanz, the pain and discharge on my breast were gone! I was so happy! I liked it already and made it an online business as well, while I was still in Dubai. I posted the product and shared it. Then after six months, my group, who liked and joined me, grew and so did my income. I was promoted to Hero in 7 months, and Paragon in 8 months from joining as a member.
I was able to save Php 300,000 and I was so happy that I told myself I will go back to the Philippines. I asked permission from my employer citing that an emergency happened back home. But honestly, I wanted to rest from my hard work in Dubai. I almost served 4 families there and I didn’t have a day-off that’s why I was always exhausted. I AWOLed (Absence Without Leave) and went home in the Philippines. Here I can be with my child. I’m enjoying. Now I can see light in our future because of GFOXX. I can work and at the same time be with my child. It’s a big blessing that I encountered GFOXX. Because before I was able to join other networking companies, my earnings in Dubai just went to that networking company. I got no returns on my investment. But I didn’t give up, as long as there is income opportunity anywhere like in GFOXX, I will still join. It’s really a matter of good company and products. But I promised myself I will not invest in a company that needs big capital and good thing GFOXX is not like that. Now I don’t have to work abroad anymore because here in the Philippines I got GFOXX who can pass over my earnings abroad. Aside from that, I don’t have to work hard physically and I can be with my child anytime.
            I am so proud that another achievement of mine through joining GFOXX was my ability to buy a house already. It’s now a matter of moving-in. Fulfilling my dreams is coming into reality. I was afraid before. I thought it would be very hard for me as a single mom. So I proved myself wrong. As long as you have the sheer determination and you believe in yourself that you can do it, getting the right elements added to that hardwork, you will never go wrong. Now I can be an inspiration to others especially to single moms like me. My motto in life is: ‘Do now what you can do today. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do it. Don’t practice maƱana habit.’ ”
5.      Mark Joemar E. Nacinofa
Age: 27
Previous Occupation: Janitor
Length of time as GFOXX member: 11 months since Nov. 6, 2015
Place: Makati City

            “Before, joining GFOXX is just my sideline. My main job is as a janitor.  Sometimes I was able to do both at the same time. But I can’t focus on my sales in GFOXX because of my main job. Not until little by little I noticed that my income as a janitor was overpassed by my income in the GFOXX part-time business. I decided to resign on my main job to become full-time in GFOXX because I saw a potential in it. It’s easy to earn big here in networking rather than my income as a mere employee and being a janitor at that. Potentially-wise because it’s simple, basic, easy to do that anybody can do it.
            One good thing about networking is it doesn’t require you to have an experience or even a high education. Like me, I didn’t have experience in selling. I’m just a high school graduate. I really didn’t have any idea about selling. My only knowledge before is just to hang around, and drink with friends. I was just a happy-go-lucky person, quite irresponsible. Maybe I just realized it because of myself too. I just felt the need to have a change in me, in my everyday life. I got bored being like that. There’s always a problem especially financially. When you see your parents having problem with money, it hurts you. To think I’m the eldest in the family of 4. My sibling next to me has a family of her own already, our youngest is still studying and the 3rd one is a single mom. So only my father and I are providing for the family.
            My views in life were changed because of GFOXX. Financially, I gained my freedom and I became a good provider for my family. I just followed my mentor in GFOXX on how to do the business. I’m working it out hard especially that the “ber” month is here so my business will go on smoothly. I have to push it hard to step-up, my mind broadened in my GFOXX business. Before my mindset is only on my work as an employee, but now I became business-minded. I was able to learn more in this business physically, spiritually and financially because of my colleagues in the business, my mentors. And because of that, I was awarded by GFOXX a Hero rank in just a month working time and got a free travel in Palawan as incentive. I have so many first times in GFOXX: first time to attend an Anniversary Event, 1st time to walk on red carpet and to deliver a speech in front of so many people with foreigners in the audience! I got nervous but that’s the moment I cannot forget in my whole life.
Another advantage of joining GFOXX is that there is no competition among members. Everybody is helping one another. Everybody is equal; it doesn’t matter what school/university you came from, what job or profession you have/had, or what your age is. So here everybody is equal. You can really change your life as long as the goal you set for yourself will work-out. Your success will really depend on you and your attitude.
Like anybody else, I got lucky to discover GFOXX in the internet as I was trying to figure out how to have an extra income to augment my struggling career in my previous company. I just followed a GFOXX member especially their videos and training through webinar. I got so interested especially when they posted about how to get results in the business.  I PMed (personal message) the member and inquired until he invited me to visit their office in GFOXX. There I found out how easy to do it because you can just do your business online. You don’t need to offer the products personally, give fliers to people and friends.
Earning-wise, I’m doing good now in GFOXX and my dream now is to have my own team—a big one. Having that, I’m confident now that I can have a family of my own already and can still help my parents. I also wish to help others the same way my mentors have helped me."

6.      Jeffrey Roland M. Tria
Age: 28
Address: Bulacan
Previous Occupation: Motorcycle Business owner
Length of time as GFOXX member: 1 year since Sept. 25, 2015

“There was a tremendous change in my life since I joined GFOXX. Honestly I have already joined another company prior to my GFOXX membership and I maintained the two company at the same time. Aside from that, I had my own business but because of the stiff competition on my own field of business, it started going down. I became open to the networking business field when I saw the different system it implements. At first, it’s not that easy yet, there are some rough roads encountered. But when we discovered a good strategy of handling it and just followed it thoroughly, it went on smoothly already. Good results continued to pour in. It feels good because before in my previous business, I didn’t have time for my family since I worked outside of home. I usually came home late and tired, just ate dinner then slept. When I woke up in the morning, I just went straight to work. The routine was the same everyday. Since that business was not doing well, I got problems with our rent, bills and other everyday expenses.

Before we had a new business, we totally had nothing. My father was a helper in an auto shop. The owner of which was his comrade whose ways reflect bad intentions on clients. So my father decided to learn the business; thereafter, he became skilled enough to build motorcycles by himself that he decided to establish his own motorcycle shop not to compete with others but to help them avoid being victimized by bad practices done by other shop owners like his comrade. Later on, it became his hobby, something that makes him happy. He allowed me and sometimes forced me to help him do the business even if I didn’t like to at first. Until such time when I learned to love working on motor parts and [motor-biking]. He has passed on his goal of helping other people to me. Our shop grew from being positioned on the sidewalk to a residential area, then transferred to a much better location, and transferred again to a much bigger one. That’s the transformation of our business. Unfortunately, due to the rise of heavy competition, our business has fallen. Probably, I’m also blessed for having the same trait as my father, which is being a wheeler-dealer. There are times I build motorcycles by myself for as long as there are tools at hand. The money I earn from those are used just to make it through the day, for us to eat, pay the bills and rent. Along the rough roads, my wife was aware of the hardships I was going through so she decided to find a way to help provide for our family. It was painful for me that time because I felt like I was worthless.

Everything turned around when I joined GFOXX – I have all the time with my family since me and my wife work hand-in-hand here and we can do it at home. We don’t have problems with rent, bills and other expenses. We have extra income that we can provide all other needs of my family. It became just a normal less burdening expenses. My stress on expenses were gone! Another change happened in my problem with debts. Now I was able to slowly pay-off my debts. Also I am not a burden anymore to other members of my family like my parents, siblings and relatives because every time I was in need, they were the ones I ran to borrow money. This time I can contribute to pay for their expenses. I can now invite them to go out to eat or go malling. Everytime there’s a family occasion, I’m not hesitant anymore to give my share.

I mentioned previously that I joined two networking companies, but good thing about GFOXX is that we are helping each other, not pulling down one another. GFOXX’ business strategy is so good that there’s this instance that I copied it to the other company because I got big investment there than GFOXX. But since I’m the only one working there, the strategy didn’t work. Here in GFOXX, everybody is helping one another because both of you will benefit on it. If you help your downline to earn, it means you will be earning too. It’s a win-win situation.

There’s really a great difference between GFOXX and the other company. Here, they (GFOXX) don’t concentrate on recruiting people alone, product selling is also very important. It has very good products that are very easy to sell. That factor for me is very important. Before, even if I have a big investment in another company, the return is so slow because it’s hard to sell their products. The compensation plan in GFOXX is very good, very achievable as long as you work hard and diligently. There are so many income opportunities being offered in GFOXX. So how could you go wrong with that? I was able to recover what I lost in the other company in a short time. I thought maybe my failure in my other business and at the other company is the way to discover GFOXX.
I’m a Silver Paragon. I achieved that last mid of May. Monthly, I’m earning 120K-150K commission aside from earnings in direct selling. Almost all of us started to push the work up the ranks in January. Initially, we focused in product movement. It’s good because it’s not hard to sell effective and beneficial products of GFOXX. Customers kept coming back to us. At the same time, through that, we’re tapping other clients into becoming distributors. That’s how we started until our sales increased. Those distributors that we tapped are earning up to now.
I’m proud to say that because of the help of GFOXX, I now have my own car, my son’s educational plan is ready, and I have the ability to buy our own things at home. Hopefully this year, our transaction regarding our own house in Bulacan will become a close deal. I have processed some documents, passed the requirements and completed the budget needed for the house. One of my goals is settling a wedding with my partner, even if it’s a civil wedding first. Hopefully it will happen this December, in time for our Anniversary.”

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