Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yassi Pressman defends Elisse Joson; reveals identity of Papa Biritera

Only a few days from the time that Yassi Pressman went out of PBB House, she's now busy promoting "Camp Sawi" from Viva Films. 

When asked what was difficult in staying inside PBB, she shared that she it was hard for her knowing that she cannot contact with her family when they were in Vietnam. She also missed taking care of her dogs, doing boxing  and interacting with her fans through social media. 

Similar to the theme of her movie, she thinks that the PBB house has been a "Camp Sawi" for housemate Elisse Joson who was nurturing a broken heart. She describes her as  kind and caring. 

Also, she clarified about  the identity of the "Papa Biritera" in one of the conversations with the boys housemates inside the PBB house.

Check out the video below for the interview.

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