Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CHIKKANESS IMPRESSIONS: 'Barcelona: A Love Untold' Teaser

Pegged as 2016's Biggest Movie Event, the phenomenal love team of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla star in Star Cinema's newest offering, 'Barcelona: A Love Untold' under the direction of master director Olivia M. Lamasan.

A young man named Ely, studying in Barcelona is finding it difficult to move on from his past. In Barcelona, he juggles his work with his studies, as he aims to get his masters degree.

Mia, on the other hand, is a girl who sees Spain as a fresh start. After a series of mistakes in the past, she abruptly uprooted herself from her life in Philippines to move forward and start anew. But the question is “how?”.

Together, they will journey to find the answers to their life-long questions, such as proving their worth, confronting the past, finding their way, and self-forgiveness.

With a strong voice of today’s youth, this romantic movie will show two people who will embark on a colorful journey as individuals and as partners in the beautiful country of Spain.

'Barcelona: A Love Untold' coming soon in cinemas!

The film also stars Aiko Melendez and Joshua Garcia.

CHIKKANESS IMPRESSIONS: A more mature role for the team-up that we've loved during their teenage years. This promises to be a film that will soon be tagged as a Filipino movie classic that could most likely define KathNiel as prime actors in the industry. With Ms Olivia Lamasan directing this, I can be assured already that this will be a well-executed film similar to her past accomplishments like "Madrasta," "Got To Believe," "Milan," and "Starting Over Again" to name a few. With Barcelona, Spain as its location and very evident in the teaser, I'm looking forward for those postcard worthy visuals that will compliment an intriguing love story. 

What do you think of its teaser?

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