Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Piolo Pascual's abs and quotable lines in "Love Me Tomorrow" Extended Trailer

I don't want to end summer if I'll see more of Papa Piolo Pascual's abs...hahaha would you?

I can't wait for the film "Love Me Tomorrow" to open on May 25. Apart of course from Papa P's abs, it features an exciting story that's relevant today as we take a peak on the world of the millennials and the Titas of Manila. Also, this will be Dawn Zulueta's first light romance film since her comeback in 2009. Coleen Garcia deserves the break that's been given to her by Star Cinema as she can be considered a bankable star already with the blockbuster success of "Ex With Benefits."

A quotable line I took note of from the trailer was mentioned by Coleen's character. "I'd rather be freaking immature than be messing around with someone who's too mature!"

What's yours? Check out the extended trailer below.

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