Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dawn Zulueta considers "Love Me Tomorrow" as a breather from doing drama projects

Dawn Zulueta takes a break from doing serious drama projects as she stars in the light romance film "Love Me Tomorrow" which she co-stars with Piolo Pascual and Coleen Garcia. She shared that she's been requesting from ABS-CBN to give her this kind of project and behold, it happened. 

In the film, she was able to see how the night life is now as compared to what it was during the "disco" days. Direk Gino Santos made a good orientation on her as she realized that there's just several things happening in a party at the same time unlike before where you only have a single dance floor. 

"I think I learned more out of this experience," Dawn shared.

"Love Me Tomorrow" opens on May 25 in cinemas nationwide.

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