Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Darren Espanto Receives Platinum Award for Self-Titled Album

On May 24, teen singing superstar Darren Espanto will be celebrating his 15th birthday and after barely two years in showbizness since he joined The Voice Kids, he has been receiving awards for his sold-out album and much applauded performances. Last May 15 on ASAP, his self-titled album was recognized with a Platinum award. What a great birthday treat for Darren!

I'm very fortunate to have known this kid. He never failed to acknowledge me whenever we see each other. He even calls me "Kuya Bry." It's always a pleasure to see him a perform as you're guaranteed that what you'll see is his best performance. I'm sure this kid has a long way to go and I will be there to follow him through.

He will stage a concert entitled "D Total Experience" happening on June 25 at the Kia Theatre. This month, he will be releasing his digital album "Be With Me" and on May 27, he'll hold his album launch at Market Market. 

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