Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Promoting Star-Quality Health and Wellness: GFOXX International Gives Health Tips to Entertainment Personalities

With the recent spate of untimely deaths in showbiz, industry workers have issued calls for improved working conditions while also asserting it’s high time entertainment personalities look after their own health as a top priority.

It’s no secret that showbiz people tend to push themselves to the limit in the name of their art. Extremely late nights and long working hours, poor diet, obesity or the tendency towards unhealthy weight loss, physical and mental fatigue – are some of the well-known health risks in this highly competitive and demanding industry.

Health experts agree that living on overdrive can be taxing physically and mentally which then takes a toll on a number of bodily systems and lead to adverse health conditions and even early death.

GFOXX International, one of the fastest-growing health and wellness companies in the Philippines, recommends various products that will help ensure better health and wellness for tinsel town’s stars. Ranging from basic nutritional supplements to products that promote weight management, advance nutrition, beauty and cosmetics and personal hygiene, these products—particularly the company’s line of basic nutritional supplements, have a powerful formula obtained from different vegetables and fruits that will help ensure overall health and well-being.

One of GFOXX’s most popular products is the Kaleidos Complex Chew, a chewable enzyme supplement that empowers the body with 1200 types of enzymes.  They also offer Lacto-G, Superfood Multivitamins that provides daily nutrition needs through the power of this GREAT TRIO: Probiotics+ Green Barley+ Wheatgrass and the Lacto-C, A powerful formula of non- acidic and natural Vitamin C and Probiotics for a strong immune system that shields the body from sickness and diseases. These super supplements are ideal for people who work long hours and are under a great deal of stress like movie and TV personalities.

These are but some of the dietary supplements in a wide array of products that can be availed of through GFOXX and its sales agents. The agents, in turn, earn an income that can supplement their regular earnings, or eventually become their principal source of income.

GFOXX President & CEO Mr. David Tan along with Mr. John Ernest Fernandez, co-founder and Vice president leads the company as it establishes the company  as a leading provider of excellent health and wellness products distributed through its proprietary network marketing channel.  GFOXX is headquartered at Unit 516 AIC Burgundy, Empire Tower, ADB Avenue Corner, Garner Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  GFOXX is a multi-level marketing company based in the Philippines and active in 18 countries around the globe. Different individuals from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines founded it with experience in advertising, nutrition, manufacturing, and network marketing and training.

GFOXX Board of Directors is composed of two leading businessmen from the Philippines with business ventures in different countries namely, Mr. Philip Co and Mr. Wilson Chua. Mr. Philip Co is the Chairman of the Board.

GFOXX products have patents and clinical studies backed up by authorities in nutrition and manufacturing in partnership with a 17 year old T.V. Shopping company and a 25 year publicly-listed Bio Technology company from Taiwan

GFOXX International promotes teamwork and gives both leaders and newbies the opportunity to earn serious income. It is fully committed to helping people achieve financial freedom while promoting a healthy lifestyle—and nothing can get better than that.

Stay connected with GFOXX International at the following:
Facebook: facebook.com/GFOXXCompanyOfficial
Youtube: GfoxxConnect
Contacts: Globe: +639 176874350 | Smart: +639 499595826 | Sun: +639 227749025

Telephone: +632 661-8099 | +632 661-8095

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