Friday, April 1, 2016

Karla Estrada, Bayani Agbayani, Komikeros join forces in sitcom-gag show "Funny Ka Pare Ko"

Cinemo, the free all-day male entertainment channel of ABS-CBN TVplus, launches its first-ever sitcom-gag show, "Funny Ka, Pare Ko" starring Bayani Agbayani, Karla Estrada, and It's Showtime's Komikeros.

The show premieres on April 3, 7pm Sunday.

This Cinemo original will show how Filipino families conquer challenges without forgetting to have fun and find humor in their lives.

Bigboy Delyon, played by Bayani, is a former entertainer who is married to Carlita, played by Karla, a fellow performer. After their first son is born, Bigboy and Carla leave showbiz to live a modest life by managing a karinderia that Bigboy's grandfather Lolo Boy, played by Mar Lopez, gave him.

But heir simple life gets rocky with the arrival of Ninang Lolit, played by Beverly Salviejo, and her deceitful boyfriend Gardo, played by Manuel Chua, who came to settle the P200,000 debt of Lolo Boy.

To pay off his family's debt, Bigboy comes up with the brilliant idea of transforming his humble karinderia into a bar at night that showcases comedy acts from his family and Komikero friends, Jay-Ar (Jesse James Ongteco), Dong-dong (Jason Gainza), Nong-nong (Walter Balinan), ryan (Ryan Rems), Bangkay, Sadam, Steven (No Direction), and Diego and Gendent (Crzay Duo).

Will Bigboy, Carla, and the Komikeros save their home using their talent in comedy?

Find out and follow their comic adventures while they deal with the struggles of every Filipino fmaily in "Funny Ka Pare Ko" every Sunday at 7pm only on ABS-CBN TVplus' Cinemo.

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