Friday, April 1, 2016

James, Nadine travelogue on "JADINE Flying High On Love Special"


This summer, JaDine and OTWOL fans alike are up for a treat as our favorite love team and real life sweethearts James Reid and Nadine Lustre as they share their experience as they travel to different parts of the world on a 4-part "JADINE Flying High On Love Special."

James described that their "love story has been the craziest. And it hasn't stop yet, it's still going."

When they were in England, Nadine re-enacted the famous line in the film "Notting Hill" - "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her," whom James replied, "I already said I Love You, remember?" (Grabee tumambling ako sa kilig dito! Hahaha)

April 10 - "Love is an Adventure" at Doha, Qatar, and Dubai, UAE

April 17 - "Love is Romance" at Paris, France

April 24 - "Love is Precious" at London, England

May 1 - "Love is Forever" at Milan, Verona, and Rome, Italy

I just can't wait for this to premiere on April 10, 11 am before ASAP. Then on May, their most romantic summer movie "This Time" will premiere. There's really more to watch out from JaDine.

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