Monday, March 28, 2016

Diana Stalder Celebrates Birthday; Continues To Deliver Highest Standard of Skin Care

Diana Stalder with Brand Ambassador Ronnie Alonte
Last Tuesday, March 22, I was delighted to be part of the birthday celebration of a woman who has been making a difference to its clients through her skin care clinic, Diana Stalder herself at her Gateway branch wherein bloggers were treated with an array of delicious food and a refreshing facial treatment.

Since 1996 up to the present, the Diana Stalder Skincare Center has consistently delivered satisfaction to every skin it cared for. The skincare authority offers a combination of excellent  formulations and treatments that cater to the general and customized needs of every skincare afficionado.

Diana Stalder Summer Essentials
The center offers a variety of skincare treatments that address the needs of every skin type, from medical procedures to skin enhancement therapies,respectively administered by an expert team of Dermatologists and Therapists, who are ensured to provide positive treatment outcomes. Diana Stalder is also the exclusive local provider of world renowned skincare brand, Casmara, from Spain.

As an added value to their client, their Megamall and Gateway branches have coffee and snack bar incorporated in the clinic to serve as a health and beauty hub offering healthier alternative meals, snacks, and beverages suited for the health conscious. It also features Canada's top weight loss products and program, "Ideal Protein," a medically designed protocol that provides a variety of protein-rich, low calorie food products.

In your next skin pamper day, head to Diana Stalder Skincare Center and you're guaranteed with the highest standard of skin care.

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