Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Date With Kiray Celis On Love Is Blind

Kiray Celis took this #SelfieAtChikkanessPhone
Great things sometimes come in small packages. Compelling acting is sometimes delivered by small actors, literally in the case of this girl I love Kiray Celis who brought the house down with laughter in her latest film "Love Is Blind" from Regal Entertainment.

The movie is a perfect Valentine's day treat for those in a relationship and singles alike. You'll be enamored with the character of Kiray who has been the object of affection of Derek Ramsay and Kean Cipriano's characters. Being a team player in the film, she did not outshine her co-actors but blended with them well making their foursome collaboration (including Solenn Heausaff) a delight to watch.

Kiray's kissing scene with Derek and Kean is something to look forward to (including her wearing a swimsuit) because of its comic execution but there's more to enjoy from this charming lady. Her on point comic timing is exceptionally good. She was successful in eliciting loads of laughter from the audience when I watched it during its premiere night. I won't doubt it if she will be labeled as the next "Comedy Queen." Well, she has another movie in the works where she will be the main star that will be produced by Regal Entertainment.

When I had the chance to talk to her, I asked  her if she gets offended if people uses her beauty as object of a joke. She answered me, "Never kong naramdaman na I'm ugly." For her, beauty comes out with how you deal with people. And I totally agree with her. She never treated me as "others" when we are together. She makes me feel as one of her peers.

On the other hand, she was asked whom to choose between Derek Ramsay and Kean Cipriano to be a potential lover. Check out this video for her answer. She'll have that dilemma as well in the film.

Post your comments below for feedback on the movie and her performance. I'm interested to read it.

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