Saturday, February 13, 2016

This seems to be real! #ALDUBValentinesDate

I got my personalized ecard from Maine Mendoza earlier when I made a tweet post using #ALDUBValentinesDate.  As of 3:43pm, the hashtag is at number 1 spot in the Philippines with 2.3M tweets. I love this souvenir which makes my viewing habit to the most loved love team AlDub today (because of its huge following, daily trends, numerous commercials and magazine covers, among others) more fulfilling.

Today, marks Alden Richards and Yaya Dub's first Valentine's date that was held in Tagaytay under a perfect weather to compliment this "perfect" love team (AlDub Nation will most likely agree). The highlights include the exchange of poems (for me, it's a personal one already and not just made for the Kalye Serye); and of course the stolen kiss made by Alden that gave me so much kilig. 

My favorite verses on Yaya Dub's poem are as follows: 

"Tinatanong ko ang aking sarili, kung ikaw ba ay aking gusto.
Ngunit ang isip ko'y nagsimulang magtalo.
Maaaring hindi ang bulong ng isipan ko, pero nararamdaman ko ang sigaw ng puso ko ay OO."

On the other hand, these are my favorite lines on Alden's poem:
"Noon takot ako
Takot ako sa maraming bagay
Sa mga akala kong limitasyon ng aking buhay
Pero ng ika'y nakilala nawala ang aking pangamba
Bagkus napalitan ng ligaya"

I am uncertain as to how much of the content of their poems truly spoke about what they feel for each other in real life. But whatever that is, what my eyes are seeing is real and I felt it from my heart that I'm witnessing a promising love that's growing and not selfish. That kiss on the forehead is a sign of assurance and security. Something that every girl needs from a guy whom they consider special. (waah feeling ko nakaka-relate ako! haha)

What are your thoughts on today's episode of KalyeSerye? Is it real or reel?

Photos courtesy of Eat Bulaga Facebook page.


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