Monday, February 1, 2016

Dennis and Solenn lead bikers at “TRIP: Lakbay2Love” outdoor premiere

Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heussaff, two of the stars of “Lakbay2Love,” a romantic movie about biking and the environment, kicked off the film’s outdoor premiere by leading a bike ride around the University of the Philippines Diliman campus that began in front of the Oblation and circled the academic oval.

Dennis and Solenn led a group of about 200 bikers at “TRIP: Lakbay2Love,” held on January 29, 5pm at the UP Diliman Ampitheater.  “TRIP: Lakbay2Love,” which is spearheaded by the student organisation UP Bike Share, was composed of a bike ride, an outdoor premiere of “Lakbay2Love” and a concert where Dennis and Solenn sang songs from the all-OPM soundtrack of “Lakbay2Love.” Other performers that night were Joey Ayala, Gig Manila, ‘lil Noizy, The Ransom Collective and Oh, Flamingo.

The event was co-organized by film producer Erasto Films and the Firefly Brigade.

A highlight of the night was a raffle of the Trek bicycles that were used by Dennis and Solenn in the movie, especially signed by the actors.

“Lakbay2Love” tells the story of Lianne (Solenn), a French-Filipina videographer—whose parents are separated and who have families abroad—trying to make a life of her own. The film opens with her suffering from a devastating break-up with her long-time boyfriend Macky (Kit Thompson) who is a biker. Depressed and lost, Lianne finds hope and direction when she and her best friend Monday (Patricia Ismael) are assigned to make a feature on climate change. Lianne meets Jay-R (Dennis), a forester who is also regarded as a legend in the biking community. Lianne’s eyes are opened as she learns about biking and the environment from Jay-R. But just as she is starting to carve a new path for herself, Macky returns and turns Lianne’s life upside-down again. 

“Lakbay2Love” is considered the first biking feature film in local cinema. The outdoor premiere on January 29 was also seemed a first. “Lakbay2Love” is rated G (General Patronage) by the MTRCB and it received a Grade of A from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB). The film opens in cinemas on February 3.

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