Monday, January 4, 2016

#Happy2016 from your Partner In Chikka

I'm always excited at the start of the year as its gives me the opportunity to cherish my achievements along with the trials (that turned out to be blessings) of the past year, and the idea of becoming better for the year ahead. 

I'm starting 2016 with a bang and stronger than I've ever been. I owe this to the PR people who has been inviting me to their events, the notable personalities and their followers, my colleagues in the entertainment industry and to the One above who introduced me to these awesome people.

I made ambitious goals for the next 12 months of Chikkaness Avenue and already took baby steps for me to be at the place where I wanted to be. The idea of providing value by delivering more than what's expected from me makes me very enthusiastic about my journey this year. 

#Happy2016 and together let's enjoy the chikkahan.

Love and peace always,
Albert Bryan Abelido
Partner In Chikka

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