Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Of Love and Chance Encounters in "Single/Single"

Recently, the whole country experienced a violent storm and an earthquake. This week in Single/Single, things get shaken up a bit too when the two housemates find themselves in situations they don’t expect to be in, and with people they never think they’ll encounter again, but they do, and Joey and Joee—and their friends Ranee and Benny—feel the effects of the switch too.

What do they do about it? Who are Single Dad, Motorbike Guy, SportsDad30, and BigBen, and how do they figure in the daily lives of the two housemates and their friends? What lessons are there to be learned about relationships, chance encounters, responsibility and being open to new experiences? Are new experiences dangerous, or risky? When there’s a chance to find love, or form something meaningful with someone, is it always worth the risks?

Also in this week’s episode, find out what happens when Joey has a surprise encounter with someone from his past, someone he never expected to see. He is shocked, to say the least, and even asks Joee to help him out. Joee agrees, and what she finds out is one of the biggest revelations in their continuing story.

In the process, the two learn something really important. Joey hits it on the head with this meaningful quote he utters in a moment of anger and despondency over how their relationships have turned out: “How could we be so stupid? When all we want to do, is to love? And be loved back?”

For more on the lives and loves of today’s millennials—and how they deal with relationships, finances and the other elements of day-to-day living—tune in to Single/Single, written by Lilit Reyes and directed by Pepe Diokno. 

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