Thursday, October 22, 2015

Napoleon’s New Collection "Little Hugs" Caters To Fun, Stylish, and Cute Young Boys

When it comes to world-class quality and 100% Philippine made clothing that is perfect for boys, there is only one name that mothers know best, fathers trust, and kids themselves love – the name is Napoleon.   

For 59 years, Napoleon has styled and dressed generations to generations of little men. The brand is initially famous for its school uniforms, long sleeve button down shirts, barongs & American suits. With its developing high-fashion lines that are being distributed in the country and Central America (Panama), the brand sustained its title for being the authority in boys’ wear. Undoubtedly, Napoleon has mastered the fun and charming look may it be formal wear or a casual outfit.

Ages from two years old to early teens, Napoleon is popular with its four collections to suit the different needs, styles, and tastes of lads. Napoleon Classic is best for formal, classy and sophisticated attire. Nap Play caters to outdoor and sporty get-up that boys love whether they are at play or just prefer ultra-comfortable clothing. For a fun denim and street-smart look, there’s no other choice but Blue Jean Nap. And lastly, you will do no wrong in mixing and matching Nap Attitude for edgier and more fashion-forward looks especially for teens.

With all this success, the brand does not stop there. Now, Napoleon is even better with new collections to turn boys into a dazzling debonair gentleman without compromising their comfort.

Newer, fresher looks and styles
Napoleon now offers newer, more fun, more stylish and a wider variety of collections. Napoleon New Collection includes Fixie Nap, Digital Geek, #Napoleon, Nap Urbanite, Surf Carnival, Eligo and Little Hugs Collections that will be in stores starting this October.

The new collections are part of Napoleon’s mission to push the brand further when it comes to style and comfort that can undoubtedly compete with known international children’s wear brands.
With Napoleon’s new collections, boys can have more irresistibly cute suits, ties, trousers, button down shirts, and even Sunday casual attire combos. Also available will be everyday t-shirts and polos with charming designs that you haven’t seen before.

Napoleon’s new collections – fresher looks and styles! Kids will love it, parents will keep on buying it!

Is Napoleon Bonaparte related to Napoleon brand?

YES. Napoleon is named after the famous revolutionary leader of 17th century France Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon may have lacked height but he made up for it with his brilliant mind and leadership skills. This is the very essence of the brand – boys though young and small are capable of doing big things!

Napoleon is the flagship brand of Alexander’s Wear International Corporation. Alexander’s Wear International Corporation was established in 1956. For almost six decades, Alexander’s Wear International Corporation has played a major role in children’s wear. Napoleon has 49 branches in leading department stores nationwide and an exclusive distributor boutique My Kid’s Collective at Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City. Like Napoleon’s Facebook Account: NapoleonPhilippines and Follow us on Instagram @napoleonphilippines for the latest updates of promos and collections!

Little Hugs – Napoleon’s New Collection

Fun. Stylish. And cute. Little Hugs is part of Napoleon’s New Collections.
Catering to ages from two years old to early teens, Little Hugs offers new cute and charming designs, prints and styles. From everyday little swagger get-up to special occasions like birthday celebrations, school activities, and other life’s milestones and memorable events - these little kiddos will have their picture-perfect look only with Little Hugs!

Little Hugs – Your son’s new OOTD
Little Hugs will also give boys their OOTD every single day with different looks to choose from – button down shirts that come in vibrant colours, oxford tops to make little men look dandy, the jerseys for sportier style, the shirt with stripes that’s perfect in any day, or even the everyday sandos are so cute and fun. 

The colours. Red, white and blue, don’t forget the purple too. These colours and more from Little Hugs will surely make boys super cute and oh-so adorable!

The comfort. It’s style with comfort. Little Hugs comes in 100% yarn dyed cotton. Whether they are playing or attending a formal occasion, boys will never go out of style that they can enjoy with comfort. 

So for mommies and daddies out there, give your sons new and more stylish OOTDs – only with Little Hugs!

Little Hugs is available this October in leading department stores nationwide and exclusively distributed in My Kid’s Collective at Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City. Like Napoleon’s Facebook Account: NapoleonPhilippines and Follow us on Instagram @napoleonphilippines for the latest updates of promos and collections! 

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