Friday, October 2, 2015

Joee’s Bday in Single/Single

As Joey (Matteo Guidecelli) and Joee (Shaina Magdayao)  both faced career dilemmas in last week’s episode of Single/Single, this Saturday’s story is a merry mix-up of unexpected and romantic events as Joeethrows herself a birthday party with friends at their condo unit.

While still preoccupied with his tight financial situation, Joey realizes he missed something important: it’s the birthday of his housemate Joee! With little money that Joey has, find out how creative he can get to make sure Joee will have something to look forward to on her special day and give her the best birthday present ever.

Everything seems to go off without a hitch, until a bigger blunder happenswhich leaves Joee upset and gets her to walk out of the party: their power is cut off because Joey missed paying the bill!

Will the two kiss and make up?  How will Joee make up for it? The question is, will Joee accept the peace offering? Will she and Joey become friends again? Will she resolve her birthday blues?

For the answers, watch this Saturday’s episode of Single/Single, directed by Pepe Diokno and aired every Saturday at 8pm on Cinema One with replays on Sundays 10pm and Wednesdays 8pm.

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