Wednesday, October 21, 2015


"To The Top" winners Mico Manguba, Louie Pedroso, Adrian Pascual, Joshua Jacobe and Mico Cruz is now officially a boy band called T.O.P. under the recording label GMA Records and managed by GMA Artist Center.

The group will focus on modernizing OPM but will also do cover songs. As to their expertise, Miko M and Miko C are on music, Louie on rapping, while Adrian and Joshua are on dancing. But the goal is for them to sound as one since they comprises a boy band.

After winning the competition, they felt very excited to work as a team. They feel though that there's a pressure for them to prove that they're rightful winners for the competition. 

Do you want to know who they wanted to be part of their group as a sixth member among their co-contestants if given the chance? Check this out.

Here's a sample of their carrier single "Paggising" which was well received by the bloggers present during the blogcon.

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