Friday, September 25, 2015

RESUREKSYON: Interesting horror flick with well-developed terror and good performance from the cast

Even before Halloween kicks in, Regal Entertainment and Reality Entertainment released a mainstream horror thriller "Resureksyon" with the gorgeous Isabelle Daza sows fear and terror to moviegoers. 

The award-winning actress who provided a solid performance in the movie plays the role of an OFW possessed by an evil spirit to eventually become the leader of a pack of vampires.

Director Borgy Torre meticulously executed each scene, especially the ones that would send movie-goers (loud) screaming on end. The tension it built was consistently terrifying.

His directorial debut, "Kabisera" was recognized at the Cinema One Festival where he received his first best director award.

The story is about  a mom ( Isabelle ) who leaves for abroad to look for greener pasture and them something goes wrong and one day, she is brought back to the country in a coffin.

 Then miraculously, mysteriously, she rises from the dead.

"Walang kaarte-arte si Isabelle. Nilagyan ko siya ng prosthetics, sangkatutak na dugo pero wala syang reklamo. Lahat naman sila. Promise, walang umarte sa mga artista ko," say Direk Borgy.

Isabelle shared that her character was  physically challenging and that there were scenes and stunts they had to do with a body double.

"Mahirap but it was nice to see the footage in the end. Nakakatakot yung eksena kong nakahiga ako sa kabaong. Very claustrophobic ang feeling! Ganoon ang pala ang feeling to be in  a kabaong", relates Belle.

She also considers being a mom to Raiko Mateo's character as very challenging. She wanted to portray in it a way that's believable. And throughout the movie, as a vampire, she still had to show that mom and son connection.

Aside from powerful cast, state-of-the-art sound and special effects, movie-goers must aso watch out for the confrontation scene between Belle and Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Paulo Avelino.

The gripping scene, which is one of the film's highlights, took a few days to shoot but Direk Borgy notes it was worth the sweat.

The film is interesting with well-developed terror and good performance from the cast.

"Resureksyon" is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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