Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chikkaness Captures: Felix Manalo Grand Presscon

Dennis Trillo plays the iconic character of Felix Manalo
The country’s biggest stars and other prominent celebrities, led by versatile actor Dennis Trillo were present during the "Felix Manalo" grand presscon held at Manila Hotel yesterday, September 22.

Felix Manalo grand presscon held at Manila Hotel

direk Joel Lamangan and Jacklyn Jose

Gabby Concepcion and Gladys Reyes

Jon Lucas

Ruru Madrid

Arkin del Rosario

Anja Aguilar

AJ Muhlach
Not in photos but were present yesterday include Phoemela Barranda, Allan Paule, Yul Servo, Sheryl Cruz, Rey PJ Abellana, Mike Magat, Snooky Serna and Bela Padilla.

Direk Joel's team includes director of photography Rody Lacap, production designer Edgar Littaua, set design and construction Danny Red, costume designer Joel Marcelo Bilbao, hair and make-up Juvan Bermil, musical director Von de Guzman, sound engineer Albert Michael Idioma, film editor John Wong, visual effects supervisor Adrian Arcega, assistant director Arman Reyes and associate director Julius Alfonso.

“Felix Manalo” is monumental as it traces the origins and growth of the INC since 1914. It painstakingly covers and replicates events and locations as early as 1886 when Ka Felix was born until his demise in 1963.

Audiences will surely marvel at the elaborate production sets and costumes that cut across Philippine history as it relays Ka Felix's trials and tribulations as an ordinary human being, a dutiful husband, a doting father, and a dynamic leader.

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