Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Career Ups & Downs on Single/Single

Single/Single is fast gaining ground as the new cable series to watch. So far, this new show is proving itself to be an intriguingly unique combination of a reality show that tackles the life issues and concerns of today’s millennials, and at the same time is an entertaining romp through their day-to-day lives.

Last week, Joee (Shaina Magdayao) and Joey (Matteo Guidicelli) confronted domestic and relationship issues that began when one of them brought a partner home to spend the night. The following morning, a confrontation ensues, and trouble crops up.

This week, the focus is on their careers. One of Joee’s friends, Ranee is making big strides in her career. She only needs to close two more deals before she wins an award and the chance to meet her ultimate dream guy who is the company’s celebrity brand ambassador. (Guess which good-looking Kapamilya actor and box-office star makes a cameo appearance as that celebrity ambassador in this episode?)

By comparison, housemates Joee and Joey aren’t having an easy time of it. Joee starts to feel a sense of ennui and like she’s trapped in a dead-end job and has to figure out what’s wrong before she totally loses it.

Meantime, band vocalist and musician Joey also struggles with his own disillusionment as far as his musical career is concerned.

So the question for this week is: how do these two millennials deal with their career ups and downs? How do these get resolved? What do Joee and Joey do? How do they resolve this, get out of their current situation and find a new and lasting passion for what they do?
Find out how Joee and Joey deal with career ups and downs in the new installment of Single/Single.

Single/Single is Directed by Pepe Diokno and is aired every Saturday 8pm on Cinema One with replays on Sundays 10pm and Wednesdays 8pm.

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