Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When enough is enough; some learnings from Arnell-Ken break-up

Some say that when involving yourself in a relationship, you need to learn from the ex's experiences (possible if you happen to be friends with them but what if not...then maybe draw some lessons from your experience). Other say, don't give your all in love ensuring that you leave something for yourself (but well, when do you say you gave your all already?

There's definitely a lot to learn in love or simply being in a relationship. New learnings I've gathered after watching Startalk last Saturda, August 1 specifically on the segment about Arnell Ignacio and his ex, Ken Psalmer whom he was engaged last June (actually, I was surprised when that news broke out but with some apprehensions).

From the interview, it seems that Arnell was put into a situation where he just gave up and most likely because of some discoveries he had on Ken. Insiders from showbiz shared that Ken was also an ex of some noted gay celebrities where it ended up badly specifically issues on cheating which Arnell, himself experienced. 

However, it can be noted as well that Arnell submitted himself to be used by Ken to help advance the latter's singing career which the former admitted as his one way of showing his love (well, I might do the same thing but I will make sure that it should be worth it...haha)

So what did I learn (mine only and may not be the same as yours...some I am re-learning though)? 

1. It really pays to listen to your friends especially if they have reliable sources (though it also pays to give someone a chance if he/she changed already because of more cautious though).
2. It's easy to pass judgment on people we don't know and based on what our friends say but if you have a first-hand experience already , then one affirmation should be enough.
3. Not new but worth mentioning - looks can be really deceiving (don't be fooled or you'll end up crying on the side.)
4. Sometimes you need to be broken so that you can share your story and have others learn from it.

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