Thursday, August 6, 2015

Barbie Forteza Celebrates 18th Birthday With A Charity Event; Was Greeted By A Guy Special To Her

“Like every girl, excited ako at the thought of turning 18. Pero pwede bang magwish? Pwede po bang wala ng party?,” says Kapuso teen actress Barbie Forteza, who is looking forward to celebrating this important milestone in her life on July 31 (that happened to be blue moon as well at that time). 

Barbie emphasized that instead of spending so much on a grand debut, she would rather use the money for other more meaningful things (This I found very humbling on her part considering that she will only have a debut once. Her loved ones though have organized small parties on the side like that from her peers in the hit afternoon show "The Half Sisters" and from her beloved fans, Barbienatics).

Children have always had special place in Barbie’s sweet heart, thus, in celebration of her debut, Barbie adopted a room at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) in Diliman, Quezon City. She has been helping PCMC in the past 4 years and plans to continue sharing her blessings to the kids in the hospital. 

The “Adopt-A-Room” program of PCMC enables entities or individuals to choose and adopt a private room which they want to renovate and convert into a special private room. Once renovated and occupied, the proceeds of the room will go to “charity rooms”. 

Other private institutions and brand giants have already adopted rooms from PCMC, but Barbie is the first ever celebrity to participate in this worthy cause. 

The renovation for Barbie’s adopted room is currently on-going with the talented young actress actively participating in the process with the help of GMA Artist Center and Architects Jose Ricky Martinez and Richie Ongteco. 

Barbie’s partners in making her dreams come to life include her generous sponsors BNY, Unisilver Time, Posh Nails, BS Mobile, Fruitas, Belladona Bags, Megawide, Happy Haus Donuts, Pizza Pedricos, Cris-Carl Stuffed Toys, Megasoft Diapers, Muebles De Cristina Furniture, Fernando’s Bakeshop, Chocovron, Ritz Biscuits, Jao Ming Glutathione, Rotary Club of Makati and Flawless.

Bonus video: Do you know what her birthday wish is? Who was the first guy apart from his family that greeted her that made her "kilig"? Check this out.

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