Friday, May 15, 2015

'Pitch Perfect 2' Review

The Barden Bellas is back with "Pitch Perfect 2" The movie starts with the group performing in front of the US President at Lincoln Center but an unfortunate event happen when Fat Amy accidentally revealed her genitals during the performance. The group was then banned to perform from competing in any a cappella event in the USA and they find the world competition in Copenhagen as their way to redeem their group from the embarrassment.

The feels you get from the first installment is something that you will get still. It succeeded in making the audience laugh and jam with the songs featured in the movie. I found it appealing that the jokes were not just focused on Rebel Wilson's character as Fat Amy but the other girls had their share of the pie including the punch lines coming from film's director Elizabeth Banks (her directorial debut) who's also part of the film.

"Pitch Perfect 2" audience who loves a shoestring of jokes and musical mash-ups will have a grand time watching this as delivered by the all-female diversified Barden Bellas.

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