Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How About A Selfie With Senator Ping Lacson?

Photo c/o Pinoygigs.com
As you browse through my posts in my Instagram and other social media accounts, you’ll mostly see "selfies" with the different celebrities I interact with. Then I realized, I haven’t had one with a politician. If ever there’ll be one, I want it to be with former Senator Ping Lacson. Isn’t it a delight to see that a “tough” man like him having a selfie with an entertainment blogger? Sounds interesting, right?  

It seems that showbiz and politics become inseparable these days and such happens with former Senator Ping Lacson whose life have been featured in movies like the “Ping Lacson: Supercop (2000) starred by the late Rudy Fernandez, and 10,000 Hours (2013) that’s a fictionalized account of his journey when he slips out of the country after revealing details on a corruption scam as starred by Robin Padilla.

In addition, his son Pampi has children from actresses Jodi Sta. Maria and Iwa Moto whom he has grandchildren Thirdy and Mimi, respectively. He has been a hands-on Lolo to the two and has served his inspiration in ensuring a better future for them. I’m excited then to know how is he as a Lolo – someone who spoils them with gifts or somewhat guided with military style.

On the other hand, his grandson Thirdy has been showing goodness and care for the poor similar to what Ping has been doing. In a twitter post by Senator Ping (@iampinglacson), he shared a picture of Thirdy sharing food with the less fortunate kids. What a delightful picture. For me, it’s good that at a young age, the boy already realizes the goodness in sharing to others.

Well, as I wait for that right time to come – having that selfie, I’ll gather confidence first to do that and research more on the guy that has provided unique discipline and leadership to this country. 

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