Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Wheels TV" strolls down memory lane

By this time, many Filipinos have either laid out plans for summer escapades, if not already enjoyed one. “Wheels TV” is right with them.

From Thailand in this week’s episode, the show speeds off to Bataan to revisit the site of the historic Death March and pay tribute to our fallen heroes. Philippine Star motoring columnists turned segment hosts Manny de los Reyes and Atty. Karen Jimeno will also visit picturesque Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in the formidable Chevrolet Traiblazer. It’s a road trip meaningful and memorable; surely a must-watch episode.

Another exciting segment of the show focuses on the 11th Manila International Auto Show, a go-to-event for both car enthusiasts and the simply curious. The number of visitors who drop by MIAS has grown by the year---100,000 according to reports---so it’s good not to be left behind even if vicariously.

Watch racer, actor and “Wheels TV” host Matteo Guidicelli, along with the other “Master of Wheels,” go for a ride with world-famous precision driver, Russ Swift. The British driver holds the Guinness World Record for parallel parking in tightest space, J-turn in tightest space and fastest time doing 10 do-nuts. It will be a fun time behind the wheel while showcasing derring-do with dexterity.

As usual, the other motoring experts that are “Wheels TV” regulars, too, namely Ulysses Ang, Angel Rivero, Kap Maceda- Aguila are on hand for all things automotive that even non-car enthusiasts will find informative and entertaining.

"Wheels TV" airs on ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel every Saturday at 10 a.m.

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