Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Wheels TV" on Thailand

Exciting motoring show "Wheels TV" shifts to even higher gear in this week's episode by going all the way to Thailand.

The show will give its growing number of viewers a glimpse of the much-talked about Bangkok International Motor Show. Held just over the weekend, the 36th year instalment of the show features the latest cars, with the spotlight shining on the all-new Ford Everest and Ford Ranger as seen up close through the eyes of motoring journalists and segment hosts Manny de los Reyes and Ulysses Ang. It will also give a glimpse of the exhilarating activities in Thailand then, ranging from rally to off road competitions.

At the home front, "Wheels TV" host and heartthrob Matteo Guidicelli will show exactly how to traverse the entire stretch of EDSA the quickest way possible. Learn about tips that could benefit even the most seasoned drivers. Save on time, minimize gas consumption, keep road stress at bay and especially during rush hour simply by tuning in to the show. You might even find yourself chuckling from time to time hearing the hosts banter on the MRT, bus and the car.

Finally, see what it's like to take the wheel of the Ferrari California T. Matteo, himself, will take this baby for a spin and say it like it is on what it's like to go on a ride in one of the most iconic car bands around.

Inspired by BBC’s hit motoring show “Top Gear,” "Wheels TV" tackles everything about the latest cars, with expert advice. Aside from Matteo, Manny and Ulysses, the show also has for segment hosts other respected motoring journalists namely Angel Rivero, Kap Maceda- Aguila,  and Atty. Karen Jimeno.

"Wheels TV" airs on ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel every Saturday at 10:00 a.m.   

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