Thursday, April 23, 2015

MLTV back with superb episodes in season 3

Fresh from the resounding success of its second season that had even more people talking about urban living in the metro, “Modern Living TV” returns with all-new episodes still tackling anything and everything about fitness, art, exciting getaway places, tradition, poolside suggestions and then some.

The curtain raiser on April 25 has an interesting interview with HGTV’s Property Brothers that reveals tips on what to look for when buying a fixer upper versus a home that needs to be demolished. There are also segments on a furniture maker and supplier who specializes on recycled furniture; and another on modernizing old washing practice. 

How do you achieve a resort look for your place? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question or have been asked about it but ended up stumped, the “Modern Living TV” May 2 is for you. After an interior decorator shows how it’s done, find out which kaftan is perfect for lounging by the beach or a home inspired by sun and sea. An exclusive peek into a private beach home makes the picture even brighter.
“Modern Living TV’s” Mother’s Day Special on May 9 pays tribute to one of the most important persons in many people’s life. Learn how this interior designer mom found success in an intimate interview-portrait. There will also be makeover sessions with moms, as well as talk on handy tips for busy mother.

The show makes a bold statement on outdoor living in episode four of its third season. On May 16, “Modern Living TV” centers on balcony make-over and how to make the best barbecue in town straight from the recipe book of a renowned chef. Though summer is coming to a close, it’s never too late to spruce up your outdoor space with furniture picks that spell sunny all year round.
Anyone who has an eye for beautiful spaces will tell you that lightning plays a big role in the scheme of things. Ambience is everything when setting the mood as revealed on the show by an in-demand interior decorator of the grandest hotels and snazziest restos around. There will also be practical tips on choosing the right light bulb and wattage in the May 30 episode so don’t dare miss it.

The kids may be looking forward to school by June but there’s time for one last outing on “Modern Living TV.” The show goes all the way to the Queen City of the South in a Cebu special that tackles everything from world-class furniture and ancestral homes to Cebuano dishes that will make mouth water. Two weekends will be dedicated to this out-of-town special.

On June 13, “Modern Livng TV” demonstrates how to organize the work area for best function. Whether it’s for big or small space, learn how to maximize and energize this important spot. The corporate male executive’s office space will also be featured so the gentlemen would know how to make work domain convey power, performance and pizzaz. This spotlight on work spills over to the next episode devoted to the weekend warrior.

Fathers get their own special on June 27. On the menu is a feature on an architect dad, and time with a renowned chef who will give pointers on how men could keep fit while cooking well. What do you give your dad on Father’s Day beyond necktie and handkerchief? Maybe wine, car and watch if you can afford and “Modern Living TV” shows which to pick and why.
The rest of the “Modern Living” episodes on its third season will be about modern Filipiniana, holistic wellness, and condo and wardrobe make-over.

“Modern Living TV” is hosted by Bianca Gonzalez and Stephanie Stephenie Zubiri-Crespi. It airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. with replays the next day at 10 a.m. both on the ANC Channel.

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