Monday, February 2, 2015

Kapuso Cook-Off With GMA Artists and Bloggers

Last Thursday, January 29 one culinary event for bloggers and Kapusos artists happened - The Kapuso Cook-Off held at Poetry and Prose Patisserie, GF Shangri La Plaza, Mandaluyong City.

The Kapuso Cook-Off is a cooking match between 3 teams, composed of GMA's artists and top bloggers in the entertainment/lifestyle and food industry. They were tasked to create sweet and savory crepes inspired from the top chef of the restaurant. 

The winning team went to the one led by Mayton Eugenio whose culinary skills that she honed from Center for Asian Culinary Studies got tested. Gladly, I'm part of that team. I took care of marketing our creation since I cannot be accommodated anymore in the kitchen due to the limited space. Glad it happened as I was able to interact with the other teams as well. Mayton currently plays the role of Chelsea in More Than Words that airs weeknights on GMA Primetime.

Runner-up teams include that of Coleen Perez whose creations were filled with "feelings." We were teasing her that crepes were full of fillings because she's putting too much feelings during the cook-off. During her spare time, Coleen baked sweets for her business, and features them on her instagram account - coleenperez. She plays the role of Molly, one of the mean girls in the show More Than Words.

Another team that competed was led by Benjamin Alves whose sweet mango crepe did not turn that sweet because he put too much rhum on it. I still loved it though. He's a certified foodie whose Instagram account filled with photos of dishes with the hashtag #TeamOink. However, those calories got shed out as he's also active in sports that requires him to swim, bike, and run. He recently bagged the role of Doc Kerby in the GMA's Hiram Na Alaala.

Hosting the event was Stephanie Sol who was very engaged the whole time. Stephanie plays the role of the antagonist in the teleserye, "More Than Words"

It was a fun filled night with great food and laughter all over the place. Kudos to GMA's Social Media Team for coming up with innovative ways to improve the interpersonal skills of their artists which I think is very critical for them to survive in showbusiness.

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